28. September, 2017
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10 Most Common Web Design Mistakes


Creating a website can be really difficult. You have done everything that you could and believed that it was right. You started your business with a great idea, you set up a greatly designed website using the templates that were offered to you. You figured out who your target audience is. You connected with them on social media and through e-mail. You tried and tried, but your website is looking horrible.

You read about web design and you did everything as you should and the best that you could. But your website is still looking like a rubbish. Now you are wondering what have you done wrong. Where is the mistake that is ruining your design. As we all know the design of your website is truly important. Sometimes we stumble across very icky web design.

Let’s take a look what are the most common mistakes that people do in their web design

  • No search box. How can your customers look for information if there is no search box. Well, the answer is clear. The search box is a must. As I discussed before, your website has to be easy to navigate and it has to be well organized.
  • The choice of colours and fonts. You can use magnificent template for your website, but you choose awful colours that affect the readability. If your customers cannot read, because of the contrasting colours – you did a huge mistake. I would advise you that you stay with simple black and white. Bright colours often come across as unprofessional and tacky. Some pages even have the most horrible unreadable fonts. There are tool that can help you to figure out, which font is the best for your website. You take take a quick read here. (15 free web design tools).
  • Registration and pop up adds. If you want to attract as many readers as possible do not create to many registration boxes and please do not put adds that pop up on every second. Adds can make your readers buy more, but sometimes it is really pushy. If you are reading a text it is truly annoying that adds interrupt you so many times.
  • Animations. Too much image on the website is no good. Animation is even worse. User probably do not have patience for looking at an add playing for several minutes. Avoid this and videos. People just do not have patience. If you want to include animations, you should put skip button on your page.
  • Background music. If you are reading an article and then awful music starts to play, you will probably have a heart attack. Just do not do this to your readers, they will not appreciate it. Some designers put the sound effect all over the pages. Just do not do this.
  • Test. Take a look at your website through different environments. Be sure that everything is perfect and if it is not, polish every detail. Facebook has an option that you can take a look at your profile from different perspective. Make sure that the website design is visible in all browsers and that your buttons are working. Test your website first. I cannot emphasize this enough.
  • Update. What I have in mind is that you created a wonderful website and uploaded articles, but you are just not updating your site frequently. You should be consistent and post often. Do not make all hard work go in vain.
  • Analytics. Not checking if your site is doing well. You have dig deep down and take a look at those stats. You should constantly pay attention to your page statistics. You will see what you are doing well and what you are doing wrong. You can easily make things look right.
  • Broken links. This is as horrible as it can get. Check if links are working. If you want to provide information for your readers you should and nothing less. There is not anything worse that clicking on the link and then finding out that it is broken.
  • Outdated content. You should pay as much attention to your content as you do to your web design. Keep your content updated frequently and check is the information still holds true. Facts are always changing in this area, so you have to be extra careful about what are you posting. Post relevant information and update regularly.

The bottom line is that you should create simple, yet effective website. It your website is simple, it will attract many readers. They will get the information they need. Do not get carried away with this fancy design. Take a look at the websites that you like and try to do similar thing, but improve it.

I am not saying that you should plagiarize the site of someone, but you can certainly find inspiration while looking at different sites. Think in terms that less is more. Your site can look beautiful and profession without flashy sliders and so on. Remember that the heart of your website is content.

If you do not provide interesting content for your readers, they will soon see your website as empty. You do not want this. Keep the focus on content and do not get carried away with all those flashy and fancy tools that are out there. Just keep in mind that less is more.

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