29. September, 2017
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How Long Should Your Videos Be?


We are generally constantly on the go. Therefore, we need to greatly maximize everything we do. We are constantly out of our precious time. We have no time for our everyday business. When we decide to watch a video of our choosing we usually check out how long it is first. Then we decide if it is worth our precious time. We do not like too short videos or too long videos. We do not like all those rambling videos or videos that have no proper content. We want to enjoy in watching the videos that are short and content-full.

Today, we are going to break down the essentials of a great video. Firstly, think for yourself. What are the essentials of a great video? Is it the nice editing or a strong content? What attracts you when you are browsing through Youtube? Is it thumbnails or catchy, clickbait titles? Let’s take a look at top five essential tips for making a great video.

1. Length. This is the most important factor. The videos that are 1 to 2 minutes long, get tons of engagement. You keep your viewers busy and your videos sweet and short. There is not much to think about. Videos that are around 6-minute mark are the best. The drop is really noticeable around 6- minute mark. It is better to play safe than sorry. Focus merely on the content. Do not ramble. Give the viewer the information that he was seeking. Videos that are too long – around 12- minute mark will get turned off. The viewers would expect a tutorial or something really gripping to watch such a long video. It is safe to assume that viewers have a short attention span and a lot of distractions around them. It is better to record shorter videos that will collect likes and views.

2. Thumbnail. Keep the thumbnail interesting. Make it relevant to your video. Do not just post the thumbnail for the sake of it. You can make it look mysterious and hide a certain part of it or you can make it funny. It is up to you. The thumbnail will attract the viewers. You have only three seconds to get the viewers’ attention. People are visual beings and we are attracted to everything that is nice and pretty. Use this in your own advantage and create a thumbnail that will attract clicks.

3. Editing. If your video gets too long, you should edit it. Do not cut off parts of video just for the sake of editing it. You can use different apps to edit your videos or you can do it in the Windows Movie Maker. It is really up to you. You decide if you want to explore your creative side or you want to come across as more professional. Nevertheless, do not put some cheesy filters over your videos. Take a look at few editing tutorials and you will be good to go.

4. Title. If you want more clicks, you should create clickbait titles. What does this mean? Clickbait is a term for web content whose main goal is to get the users to click on it. It is pretty effective strategy and you should definitely try it. However, you should reflect the content in the clickbait title. You should never omit the content that was referred to in the title, as this would make you less professional.

5. Audience. Make sure you always have your target audience in mind when making and editing videos. With the help of social media outlets, such as Facebook, Instagram, Google +, you can help select your audience and connect with them. Connecting with your target audience is of utmost importance, especially when starting your video making business. Furthermore, when choosing your target audience, you should keep in mind that you simply cannot cater to all tastes.

Some will love your videos and some will absolutely loathe them. Do not get discouraged when you’ll get your first negative response. Embrace it and respond to it constructively. Your audience is partly a mirror of how well your videos will be. Treat them kindly and often respond to them. Furthermore, your content should always reflect your target audience’s preferences, if you wish to succeed quickly. But keep in mind that you should stay true to yourself and make videos you find fun to make and to edit as you will spend a lot of time doing it.

These were five quick tips on how to make your videos more attractive and more engaging to your audience. Make sure to remember to edit your videos well before releasing them as a good edit might mean a good response from the viewer. Always consider how you would feel if this was someone else’s video and how you would respond to it and act accordingly.

But what makes a good video great is the passion and enthusiasm you put into making it. The viewer can easily distinguish between a video a heart and a soul and a video which is dull and easily forgettable. Make sure to enjoy what you’re filming and to be charismatic and entertaining on camera as the majority of your viewership will respond positively to your good vibe. Lastly, you should consider inventing a creative way to end your videos. Consider a funny, creative catchphrase or a humorous image. Follow these steps and you’ll be a video making machine in no time.

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