29. September, 2017
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How Do I Promote My Business on Instagram?


We all know that social media can be an effective tool for advertising. It has millions of users that can be your potential customers. The question is how can you promote your business on Instagram.
Instagram is one of the most used social media. It has over 400 million active users. The number is still growing. Over 60% log on it daily and users are form all over the world. On an average day 80 million photos are shared. The most popular photo was the one with Kendall Jenner that reached 3.5 million likes. Instagram is the secondly most used social platform. Of course Facebook is on the first place.

It has launched in October 2010 as a free mobile app for IOS. Later it was released as an app for Android system. Instagram lets users to post photos, videos and even their stories that stay up online for 24 hours. Instagram immediately gained popularity in 2010 and it has been growing since then. Instagram has been named as one of the most influential social media of the modern times. Now let’s go to the today’s topic. As a businessman that just started or a business that wants to step up its own game these tips will come really handy to you. Social media can be an amazing way to promote your products or your services.

If you want to do business on Instagram, you have to know that everything is about photos. You should take meaningful and quality photographs. The visual appeal of Instagram is the best one. Advertising is a visual form of art. People will want to have what they see o pictures. Are not we all like this. We scroll through Facebook and we wish for the vacation our neighbour is enjoying. We always want the happy and perfect life that is depicted on social sites. However, users want us to believe that everything they post is true. So, should you. You main concern is how to create a powerful and effective image of your company that will sell your products or services. Instagram is your solution.

The most basic option is that you create an Instagram account with the name of your firm. Do not put any numbers in the name of your account, because this will look unprofessional. Furthermore, you should provide all the contact data in your bio. Most importantly, you should put also a link to your website and Facebook site in the bio. It is important that people start following you and this you will achieve if you connect the people of your Facebook and Instagram together. Go follow everyone you know on Instagram. If you want to read more about gaining followers on your Instagram, you can read this in the article here. (How to Get More Followers).
You should build a trusting relationship with your followers

. This means that you should post consistently and that you should not post anything that is not true. Do not play under false pretense. You have to communicate with your customers, because this is only way that word about you will get shared around. You will gain more and more customers if there will be pleased customers thanking for your service in the comments down below. One of the most effective strategies is that you offer your followers a free guide or an excerpt from your e-book.

This way you will gain their interest in your services and they will get a hang of it. They can try it before they buy it. You can give away free products to bloggers and Youtubers. Many beauty brands do so. The big beauty labels send their products for free to the biggest bloggers. Sometimes they want a review in the exchange, but other times bloggers can do anything they like with the free products. This is an interesting way of promoting your products. You can even offer the sponsorship to the bloggers you like. You should collaborate and engage with your audience.

If you are a small company, your followers are most likely the potential customers. Promote your products and tell your followers about collaboration with bloggers. Tell them also who wrote about your product and provide them with a link. You have to build a trusting relationship with your followers. Do not give up if establishing your account will take some time. Same goes for your followers.

If you have 10 followers in the beginning, do not let this stop you. With quality account, content and products you will soon gain many more.
Creating your business with the help of Instagram and Instagram community is indeed a great opportunity for you and your company. Social media is growing every day and it is not going to stop anytime soon. Instagram is very easily manageable, you just have to figure out who your target audience is and you should pay attention to when they post the most. This way you will be able to attract many of them. You will see that hard work will pay off eventually and this will make your business grow and attract many more followers and customers.

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