29. September, 2017
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LinkedIn – The Ultimate Guide


The topic of today’s post is LinkedIn – the ultimate guide. We will take a look what LinkedIn is, how to get started on LinkedIn and how to get most out of LinkedIn. So, first the question is – what exactly is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a company and a branch of social media. But it is not like any other social media. It is focused on one group of people. LinkedIn is used mostly by professionals and is geared to the career driven individuals or companies. Honestly, you do not have to be a professional owner to use it. You can be a freelancer or a graduate student and still use Linkedln.

LinkedIn is a free site; however, you can upgrade it to the pro verison of it for a certain payment. It operates through mobiles and website. There is also an app available. It was founded in December 2002. Linkedln has more than 106 million active accounts. The site is available in 24 four languages. It is used mainly for seeking the wanted job. It si like a manhunt; but in this case, you are hunting a job. But LinkedIn is more more than job hunting it is a site that is full of business opportunities. You can create your account and upload your achievements or CV.

You present the best version of yourself to the potential employers. Linkedln is a great way to promote your business. On Linkedln are over 65 million of professionals and businesses. You should explore the platform first. Do not dive in without knowing the depth of water. LinkedIn describes its platform as the working world in one place. This is true. On LinkedIn are many professionals and business offers. This is a right social platform if you want to want to start business or shared the word around.

If you want to create the account on LinkedIn, you can do so on LinkedIn website or download its app on your mobile phone. You can create an account for free. In fact, everything that LinkedIn offers you is for free. (If you want the extra special options then you have to pay for them). The next step is that you decide what kind of tone do you want to give your account.

You are not limited in any way, but avoid posting something that is offensive or vulgar. You want to attract professionals, but not in a negative way. Same goes for your profile picture. Here is an advice from me to you about your cover photo. When you register put a professional photo of you. The photo has to be the right size. It is inappropriate that there are two people on the photo, because well, it can get a bit confusing. Do not post photos with your sunglasses on. I know that you love them, but your face has to be visible. Do not post anything that many come across as vulgar or offensive. Choose an appropriate and professional attire.

You should write a captivating summary. Do not brag about your successes. Be short and clear. You want to gain people attention – you do not want them to search for an exit as soon as they start reading your summary.

Furthermore, you should keep your profile as complete as you can. Let others know everything that you can about you. Keep your listings complete. Avoid listing unnecessary experience that is not connected to your business. If you have a small company that sells beauty products, is irrelevant that you post that you worked in a bakery. Choose wisely and get recommendations for your former employers. If you do not know how to do that, just follow this simple advice of mine. Use e-mail request to ask for a recommendation. Be polite and do not pressure the people you are asking into writing you back. Never rely only on one request. If one does not reply, other most certainly will.

You can also post your CV on LinkedIn. However, make sure that it is well polished and prepared. You do not want any typos or half written garbage. This is a professional account after all.

Use keywords every now and then. You should use them in your summary and in your experience list. This is important for the search optimization engine. If you are interested in this topic, you can read more about it here. (Članek seo).

When your account is ready to be seen by others, you can start making connections and building relationships on LinkedIn. Firstly, you can add people and companies you know. Then you start searching for new businesses. Be active in the groups, but do not get pushy. You can use LinkedIn buttons or plugins to let people know when you are active on your LinkedIn account. This comes in handy when some wants to message you.

LinkedIn will take a few months to get you noticed by others, but you should not worry about this, because the same goes for every social media out there. You just do not gain a million followers overnight. Remember that LinkedIn is a social platform, so please do not brag about yourself, but comments on the post of other professionals. This way you can learn a lot from others and use new knowledge into your advantage.

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