29. September, 2017
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How to Use Linkedln to Promote Your Business


LinkedIn is a company and a branch of social media. But it is not like any other social media. LinkedIn is used mostly by professionals and is geared to the career driven individuals or companies. Honestly, you do not have to be a professional or a company owner to use it. You can be a freelancer or a graduate student and still use Linkedln. LinkedIn is a free site; however, you can upgrade it to the pro verison of it for a certain payment. It operates through mobiles and website.

There is also an app available. It was founded in December 2002. Linkedln has more than 106 million active accounts. The site is available in 24 four languages. It is used mainly for seeking the wanted job. It is like a manhunt; but in this case you are hunting a job. But LinkedIn is more more than job hunting it is a site that is full of business opportunities. You can create your account and upload your achievements or CV. You present the best version of yourself to the potential employers. Linkedln is a great way to promote your business.


On Linkedln are over 65 million of professionals and businesses.

  • Firstly, you should create a Linkedln account if you already do not have one. Secondly, your account should be attractive to the eye of the viewer. It has to stand out. You do not want boring lists of information, but you should stay professional. Linkedln is easy to use, but you have to make sure that your profile is finished and that the photo is added to it. Then you can start making connections with other people. Here are several tips of promoting your business on Linkedln:Use a Professional Photo. When you register put a professional photo of you. The photo has to be the right size. It is inappropriate that there are two people on the photo, because well, it can get a bit confusing. Do not post photos with your sunglasses on. I know that you love them, but your face has to be visible. Do not post anything that many come across as vulgar or offensive. Choose appropriate and professional attire.
  • Customize your URL. URLs are tricky little things with all those numbers and letters that make no sense. However, there is a second option. You can easily customize your URL that will say the name of your firm. This way you will come across as more professional and others will get the idea to customize their URLs too. Linkedln offers you help with the customization of your URL. Just click here. You can also share your URL on your website or your Facebook site.
  • Recommendations. List important recommendations you have If you do not have them think of people you have worked with and who can give you a good recommendation.
  • Participate in groups. You should join groups that are linked to your location, business and your interest. Get involed into discussions with other professional. Look for the potential clients. Mention your business to them. Do not be shy, provide them with links to your website or your Facebook site. Send them invitations to the events you are organizing and messages. After all, Linkedln is a social platform.
  • Strategy. You have to be strategic when operating with Linkedln. Firstly, I advise you to connect with the companies and people you already know. Advertise your account and endorse other to join Linkedln. In other words, just recommend Linkedln to others.
  • Experience. We all have come across employers that demanded years and years of experience. How can one that is 25 years old and has just finished school, have already 5 years of experience in the business field. I got a bit carried away. On Linkedln you should list experiences that are linked to your job. Do not list experience that you can sew or something like that. Stay relevant and up to the point.
  • Do not forget about SEO. What is SEO? You may ask yourselves. SEO stands for search engine optimization. If you are new to SEO, you would probably like to know what does this mean? SEO is most importantly a marketing strategy. Search engines work as navigation toward your website. For more read: What is SEO?

Adding Linkedln to your offer of the social media; next to Facebook, Instagram and e-mail is a clever plan. You will gain a new audience of the professional and you can establish a strong network. You will also gain new potential clients and partners Linkedln is a powerful and effective tool if you use it correctly. Linkedln offers you many new doors and some people get afraid of the countless possibilities. Use this in your own advantage and get as many partners as you can. However, do not get ahead of yourself.

You have to be strategic in your decisions.
The most powerful tool that Linkedln offers is you. You are the creator of your account and your own business. You can achieve great results in your bussiness with the help of Linkedln. Connect with others and set your goals straight. You will see that operating with Linkedln is not as hard as it seems, but it can be very useful. So, enough with the talking, let’s go get do some work.

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