29. September, 2017
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How to Succeed on Instagram


Instagram is one of the most popular media out there.

It is popular due to easy access, free app and simple navigation. Instagram is getting bigger and bigger. Many stars use it and promote the products on it. The same goes for famous bloggers. Instagram is not only a tool for posting pictures of what have you eaten and posting video. It is much more than that. Instagram evolved from a nice free time tool to the tool for online marketing. We do not really pay attention to how much advertising is on Instagram. We are under the influence of those people and we may not even think that we are. Have you ever seen someone using a certain phone and then you cannot get it out of your head.

The image keep on playing in your head over and over again, and you decide to buy that phone no matter the cost. Social media is a huge influence and we do not even realize. This is a great tactic of marketers that the customers do not even realize that they are being led into the buying of the product. Today we are looking at the topic of success on Instagram.

How to get successful and what it does even mean?

Does this mean that you have a lot of followers or that your account has a huge visibility? Let’s take a look. A picture is worth more than thousand words. It tells you a story. Customers desperately need a story to hang on it and buy from you. The future lays in the visual social media. First it was Instagram, now it is also Snapchat. Short videos and photos make the world go round. Just have a moment to think about this. You are always scrolling through you online profiles during your lunch and liking those pictures.

Social media has a truly important influence on our lives. We look at it and we wish that we were on some dreamy island. You are searching for the pictures of your favourite show. Social media is an important factor of our everyday lives. It makes us happy and we like looking at interesting images. So, where you have to start to succeed on Instagram:

  • Research your market. Most people would laugh at this now and say that they know their audience, but do you? Instagram can be a tricky social media to find out who your audience is. It is a bit harder to see when they are online, because there is no clear indication. Take a look at what they like and which hashtags they are using. Start using the same hashtags as they do. Find out who are they following. Let their habits become your habits.
  • Be consistent. Choose a theme and stick to it. Do you want to come across as professional or more laid back. It actually depends on your audience and what are you aiming for. Also make sure that you are using one filter for all of your pictures. This way your posts will become recognizable from a far. Best filter for marketing purposes is the Mayfair.
  • Try to be unique as possible with your posts and update regularly. Do not let your followers wait, because they will get bored and will unfollow you. You do not want to lose your followers, just because you are lazy. Better content leads to better engagement.
  • Caption your photos. A photograph can say more than words can say, but people may misunderstand it. Provide a caption under your post. You can write an inspiration quote or just stay simple and tell why did you post this. In the caption, you can highlight collaborations, new designs and so on.
  • Link. Do not post your other links to your Instagram account, because this will confuse your followers and they will crop out. It is better to stay away from that. You want to your followers to stay on Instagram, because your strategies are intended for them to do so.
  • Engage. Engage with your audience. Comment under their posts and reply on their comments. If they message you, you should reply. Show your customers that you care. This is the most important that you can do.

Instagram is a straightforward tool for online marketing. You can read more about strategies for online marketing here. Instagram is evolving every day. It is gaining new users and new brands that are promoting on it. You can also make a collaboration with the bloggers from your country. This way you give them your products for free in an advance of writing a review for you. This way you can even establish a long-term relationship with them.

There are many ways to succeed on Instagram. It is not complicated, you just have to be patient. At first it may seem like that you are not gaining any new followers or that your sales are not going anywhere. But, things will move forward eventually. They will get better and you will gain new followers and increase your sales. Social media is a part of our everyday lives. We love it and we love spending out time on there. It makes us feel good and why wouldn’t you use this into your advantage. Promote your brand there and gain new benefits. Start slowly and then expand. You will see that followers will come and the sales will increase.

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