29. September, 2017
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How to Get More Followers on Instagram?


As you know Instagram is one of the biggest social media at the moment. Instagram is a mobile and desktop app that has many users. It has launched in October 2010 as a free mobile app for IOS. Later it was released as an app for Android system. Instagram lets users to post photos, videos and even their stories that stay up online for 24 hours. Instagram immediately gained popularity in 2010 and it has been growing since then. Instagram has been named as one of the most influential social media of the modern times.

The popularity of the Instagram is growing. Instagram can be an efficient platform for advertising. We will dive into Instagram advertising very soon. If you are starting on Instagram and posting photos and then receiving some or no likes, you can get easily depressed. The trick is that you have to leave your profile open, because if you put it on the private – the followers just will not appear. In this post, I will share several tricks how to gain more followers on Instagram.

You have already heard about the word hashtag. You can add several hashtags under your post. If you click on the hashtag; for example: #dog it will show you all posts with this hashtag. You can use hashtags that are known to increase the followers, such hashtags are #followback, #tagforlikes, #likeforlike and so on.
Another strategy is that you start following random people.

If you follow them, they will follow you back. We all want likes on our Instagram feeds. People will start following you and you will achieve your goal. Almost the same strategy is that you like random pictures – you have to like a lot of random pictures (100 or more). People will get interested in your account and they will be pleased that you liked their photos. You can also add comments to your likes. This will help you gain even more followers. What is important is that you post your pictures at the certain time. I wrote about this topic in one of previous posts (The Best Time to Post on Instagram).

You have to figure out in which time zone do your followers belong and you should be careful about their age, gender, in other words – demographics.
You probably will not believe this, but the most effective filter for marketers exists. It is called Mayfair. The Instagram filter Mayfair adds a warm pink tone, brightens the center of the image with a subtle vignetting. You can gain more followers if you post on Sundays. It is said that on Sundays there are less posts than on other days. If you post on this day of the week, your posts will be more visible. What is important in the field of marketing is that you should be always consistent.

Do not forget to post and do not let your followers wait for your posts. Please do not post anything stupid, impulsive or offensive. However, you can ask your followers questions in the caption down below. This will strengthen your bond with the followers. It is that you post often, so that your readers will not forget about you. Well, you should really engage. You should not pretend. Like the pictures of your followers, comment on their posts and follow them. Soon they will start doing the same to you.

It is important that you establish a contact with bloggers and Youtubers. They are all very active on Instagram and they can help you promote your products. You can ask them if they are willing to post about your company or product. They will be happy to do so. In exchange, you can offer them your service or sponsorship.
It is really important that you engage in the Instagram community. You can organize giveaways with your products or you can make your Insta feed a bit more interesting. You can post older pictures on Thursdays and call it #throwbackthursday. Your followers will appreciate your effort. In this same category, you can also post behind the scene pictures.

For example, how products are made and what kind of company are you. You can also post about your co-workers. Let your followers know how does the working process look like. You can also start using a hashtag with the name of your company. At last but not least, it is important that you share your Instagram account on your e-mail or on your Facebook. Spread the word around about your Facebook. The number of followers will just keep on getting higher. Share the live events and share the stories with your followers. You will feel more connected. Follow everyone you know on Instagram or if they have Facebook account – you can tell them about Instagram. You can even connect your Instagram account with your contact list.

Instagram is not as tricky as it seems. You can gain a lot of followers in a short period of time if you decide to follow the steps that are listed above. Remember that a huge number of followers is useless if you do not connect with them in an honest way. Engagement is truly important. It is important that you offer them true services that will not disappoint them. Furthermore, you will inspire them and they will not unfollow you. You have to have trust in your followers and they will trust you. It is recommended that you engage as much as you can. Do not think of Instagram as some second level social media. Instagram is growing with every day. Try and be a part of it.

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