29. September, 2017
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The Future of Social Media: The Trends You Have to Know


The social media is constantly changing. You almost cannot keep a track, because the trends are changing so quickly. We are using social media mostly for communication. We often forget that it can be used also as a platform for advertising. Social media has also a dark side. I have discussed this topic in my previous post. You can click here to check it out.

What is Social Media?

1. Mobile apps. Nowadays everything is optimized for mobile phones. In the future, the trend will go onward and onward. If you do not have your website optimized, you are missing out. You are missing the opportunity to enlarge your target audience. Nobody likes a site that is not mobile friendly. Nowadays, it should be not only mobile friendly, but also every device friendly (tablet). Snapchat made a big breakthrough with the face filters. We see that Facebook has also stepped up its game. Competitors are stepping up their game. This is a sign of mobile friendly app that is also very engaging for the users.

2. Videos. It came as a surprise in 2016. Every social platform from Instagram to Facebook updated their stories. Video is a huge part of our lives. We liked pictures, but now short videos are overtaking our lives. Live streaming video was made popular by Twitter Periscope. Facebook live videos often cover the world events. Video has come to a new era. Vine was one of the first social media outlet to base its entire platform on short videos. Understandably, it got popular extremely fast and harnessed a large ad campaign from Google. Unfortunately, it was suspended by Twitter not long ago and therefore short videos now occupy both Instagram and Facebook. The formula for making short video on these two social media outlets is simple: make something relatable and make something that’s engaging right at the beginning. This will and is already the future of short social media videos.

3. Fake news. This is a phenomenon that occurred in 2016. Internet is a main source for millennials, however, they are not aware of the dangers this brings them. Some sites deliberately post fake news just to get readers. The fake news get share quickly and some countries considered legislation to fine social media sites. News of the fake persuasion are not welcomed on social media outlets and are getting systematically banned by the curators. However, with how fast the information is traveling it’s extremely difficult to stop these fake news outlets, even though Google’s algorithms are trying to stop them popping up in the search engine.

4. Relationships. Social media is moving away from automated responses. It is not appropriate and your audience does not appreciate it. With automated response, you show to your user that they are just numbers to you. Social media works on campaigns that interact with people and listen to customers. Everything is about good and engaging relationship with your customers. Customers will always value personal touch. Make sure you value customer’s feedback, regardless of its validity or praise. Some will give out positive feedback easily and without reluctance, but most of the time you won’t get feedbacks at all. Relationships have move forward since the first inception of Facebook in the late 2000’s and have become incredibly complex and interwoven. If you’re creating a business and want to base your advertisement on social media, you will have to find a way to maintain relationships with the people that are your main customer base.

5. Privacy. Users are demanding more and more privacy nowadays. After all, some people do not want to share their profiles with whole world. More and more users have realized that their data is being collected and scanned through. Try not to ask for too much unnecessary info, because users can get scared easily. Most of sites and businesses, however, use and collect cookies from its users. This is nowadays an acceptable form of privacy invasion, as the information collected by the sites usually are being used for advertisement purposes. Do not breach your users’ privacy for any reason. This shows you really care about keeping the relationship purely for business and the information you will collect is enough to cater to your users’ needs.

Social media is constantly evolving. We are being bombed with the social media. We use it constantly. It is even a form of addiction. Social media can be also dangerous. We do not even realize how much time we put into it. We are neglecting our dear ones, just to check our social media. This sounds horrible and it is horrible. I hope that in the future we will be able to set our priorities and not neglect living souls, because of social media. It is understandable, why is social media so addictive. It is always there for you and it is constantly being refreshed.

People are uploading and uploading. The never-ending circle. Our everyday conversation are about social media and if we saw this or that post. I know that is hard to put down your phone, but it is really important. We are missing on life, because of social media. We want to have everything documented and photographed, because we are no longer watching with our eyes, but with our cameras. I hope that in the future, we will take time for our dear ones.

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