29. September, 2017
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Most Common Reasons Why People Are Not Buying From You


You have done everything that you could. You started your business with a great idea, you set up a greatly designed website using the templates that were offered to you. You figured out who your target audience is. You connected with them on social media and through e-mail.

You tried and tried, but the sales were going nowhere. You read about online marketing strategies and you did everything as you should and the best that you could. But there were no results. Now you are wondering what have you done wrong. Are you even on the right way.

Why are your customers so uninterested and do not want your services or your products? Was this even a good idea?

Well, listen to me before your conscience starts biting you if you have chosen well. I will discuss the most common reasons why people just are not buying from you. I know this can be a difficult period for you as a businessperson and as an individual. We all love success and hate failures. However, we learn the most from our mistakes. Do not let small things get you in a foul mood. You have to keep on trying and soon you will realize that you were making small mistakes or overlooking an integral part of your campaign.

Sometimes the part you are most convinced in, will turn as a part that is sabotaging your campaign. As a young person who just started in business, every failure will feel like the end of the world to you. But you know that things will eventually get better. You will see which marketing strategies work well for you and your target audience and which do not. I just want to tell you that you must not give up at the first failure and not even at the 100. Now, let’s take a look at 4 most frequent reasons why people are not buying from you.

There may be only one reason, but let’s take a look at the most frequent ones.

  • Too pushy. It may seem silly, but you can be too pushy with promoting and selling your products. You are constantly posting on every social media that you have account on. This may seem great from the online marketing point of view, but it may come across as bragging. You customers may be overwhelmed with you bombing them at their every step with your products and services. It is the same with advertisements. As soon as we see one advertisement one too many times, we start to hate it and we do not want to buy that product.
  • Wrong target audience. Google Analytics can inform you about stats; about how many people are visiting your site and what their demographic are. Nevertheless, how good you think you know your audience, you do not know their motivations behind buying the product. You have to learn why did they buy your product. This happened with the toy of 2017. You probably know what I am speaking about – the best toy for all ages fidget spinners. The wold went crazy for them. Manufacturers were not able to produce such masses of fidget spinners. However, soon the frenzy died and manufacturers’ sales were dropping. The market was overloaded with the same product and people were not buying them, because they got bored. Try to sell products that are not one time thing or a matter of trends.
  • Awareness. The reason that people are not buying your product is that they are not aware of it. Here the problem is in your marketing strategy. You have not paid enough attention to it and it failed. You should take a step back and start fresh. Organize your website and make a plan what and how you want to advertise. You can even organize a free giveaway so that people will get samples of your product for free and when they will try it, they will buy it. Sometimes it is hard to put your trust into unfamiliar websites. You have to gain your customers trust.
  • Accesibility. You have done everything you could, but your product still is not selling. Maybe you forgot about the most important step. You should make shipping worldwide. We all love to shop online, but when we see the cost of shipping we rather return everything. Think of the shipping costs and make them as affordable as you can. This will only attract your customers. You can even offer free coupons or free shipping. You can put a code for free shipping on your Instagram and make it available only for your Instagram followers. With this you will also gain new followers.

It may be depressing to you that people just are not buying your product. Breathe deeply in and out and just please do not panic. Everything can be fixed. Just rethink your marketing strategies and try advertising on new social platforms. Polish your website and connect with your customers. This is the most important. Soon you will see results. This may take you some time, but in the end it will be worth it. Reconsider your choices in the marketing field and do something fresh. Trying will get you far. If it does not work out, at least more and more people will notice you and you will gain new friends on Facebook or new followers. After all, this will be good for your business.

For more tips how to succeed in the field of online marketing you can read the article: Strategies for Online Marketing.

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