29. September, 2017
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7 Ways to Increase Online Sales


We discussed several topics that are connected to online marketing and strategies in online marketing. We already discussed how it is if your sales are not going anywhere. To avoid common mistakes, why people are not buying from you, read this article. (Why People Are Not Buying From You).
Now we are looking how to improve your online sales. Sometimes people just do not want to buy your products. The sales are not going anywhere and you are sitting in your office thinking about where did you go wrong and what can you do to improve the situation. We discussed how your website should look like and how your social media account should be organized.

Now we have everything we want and now the real deal or the struggle begins. We want some profit from our business and we want that our products would be selling nicely. But what you have to do if the sales are not doing as good as planned? Firstly, you have to do some testing. You have to test the waters to see what is worthwhile and what is not bringing any success to you. There is no clear path you have to take. You have to take risks and figure out what is working for you. If one strategy does not work for you, maybe other will. Just keep on trying and learning new things. Knowledge is power. So, here are 7 ways or tips how to increase your sales.

1. Sales. Offer your customers special coupons. People like to buy stuff when they see sale tag on them. You do not even have to lower the prices so much. Just lower them enough to cause frenzy among your customers. People love to receive coupons or promo codes via e-mail or social media. You can even give them promo code for free shipping. You will see that people will be ready to spend their money just because of the free shipping.

2. Pop-ups. I believe that everybody has already seen a pop up add in their life. Those are small boxes that advertise certain products. They usually pop up when you are reading something interesting and you brush them away. Usually, customers/readers/online users dislike them. However, they were an effective tool in online marketing for some quite time. Some users have AddBlocker – but if you have it, you may miss out on important or relevant information.

3. Create a Sense of Urgency. Give an impression that your buyers need your products. Be honest about your products and tell your customers why they really need them. You can do this with limited edition – this is very effective strategy. People will feel pressured into buying your product, because they will feel like they will run out of time. Offer a discount or free shipping to your customers.

4. Offer a money-back guarantee. Offer a money-back guarantee if the size will not fit or if the customer will be displeased with the product. Offer them to send the product back if they are displeased and offer them a free return shipping. This will play a huge factor with your buyers as they will gain trust in you and your service.

5. Offer fewer choices. It is the same as a sense of urgency strategy. People will feel that there is limited time and they will try to get their hand on the product as soon as possible. Soon after that, you can let them know that the product is currently in stock again. This also offers a possibility that your customer will be overwhelmed with hundreds of your products. Your customer can choose easily if there is a limited choice of products.

6. New customers. Find out who your target audience is. Why is this important? If you know your audience well, you also know what they are looking for and you also know where and how to find even more customers. Just search for similar audience to yours. This way you will attract more and more customers that will be willing to buy from you. You can do this on Facebook or Instagram. You can check their demographics with any analytics tool out there. For more information, you can check one of my previous articles (5 Analytics Tools).

7.Payment. Provide as many payment options as you can. Customers sometimes do not want to pay with their credit cards, because they have already spent too much. Your customers will be pleased with the possible variety of payment. You can even optimize the checkout process, so your customers will be able to order your products from their mobile phones.

Online marketing can be a tricky business. There is no fool proof plan. All you have to do is to test the waters. You have to try out several strategies and see which work and which do not. As I come to realize, behind online marketing even psychology hides. You need to know what people are thinking and what their needs are. You should pay attention to the details and ask your customers for feedback. This way your customers will be able to express their opinion and they will feel engaged into this large community of marketing.

Always try your hardest to provide for your customers’ need. They will indeed appreciate it. If your sales are looking a bit gloomy take advantage of the tips that are listed above. One of the strategies will definitely work for you too. Do not lose hope and keep on trying. Soon you will establish one the best websites out there.

7 Ways to Increase Online Sales
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