29. September, 2017
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The 10 Laws of Sales Success


What are the laws of sales success? We all want to be successful and have great sales rate, but how you achieve something like that. Is it a result of hard work or is it a mere luck? I would say that it is a combination of both. We already discussed what are you doing wrong if your sales are not going anywhere in article: Most Common Reasons Why People Are Not Buying From You.

Now we are wondering what are the laws of success and why should you follow them. Online marketing can be one of the most rewarding businesses. Search for your key of success and do not give up in the process of searching it. Follow the leaders and try to be like they are. Do not do this if they are bad leaders. Where is your key to success – Follow those 10 laws of sales success.

1. Keep your ears open. Listen to every advice you can get. Then decide if the advice was useful to you. Use your time well. Make a plan what you have to do and what will get done in the near future. Never stop learning and never underestimate people, sometimes they have something clever to say. Commit to your work. See, online marketing is a mixture of luck and hard work. Also learn what your audience has to say. Engage with them in online discussions.

2. No answers. Do not give your customers answers. Attract them with questions. If you bring them everything on a plate, they will not want for more. Do not provide them with answers.

3. Curiosity. Be curious about everything and everyone. Always try to be better than others. Customers usually have a negative view of salespeople. They find the salespeople as arrogant and too self-assured. Change their opinion and show them that you are not like others are.

4. Don’t ramble. Do not keep on talking about yourself and your company. You do not have to tell them about your soul or ambitions. Be quick and clear. Use the words into your own advantage. Do not recite the sales pitch. Speak normally, do not overemphasize the words and do not put figures of speech in your speech. They are well known to have a double meaning and your listeners may not understand what you are trying to tell them.

5. First date strategy. Get to know the. Learn their demographics and habits. Follow them on social media and see what they like and what they dislike. Find out if they are happy. Are you providing them with quality products? Is your service reliable? Seek for their answers. As soon as you realize what they want, you can provide it for them.

6. Invite. Invite them to engage with you. Ask them questions. Social media demands more listening than talking. Invite to join your social media and do not ignore them on it. You would not ignore someone I real life, so why would you do the same on the social media. Be open and available. Do not come across as self-assured and restraint.

7. Emotion. The most valuable thing you can evoke in your customers is emotion. Emotional stories have and will always sell products. Just remember the episode of Mad Men, where Don Draper showed pictures of his family and told the clients that carousel will bring them happiness. He was master of evoking emotions and you should do the same.

8. Questions. Ask your customers if there are any barriers between you and them. Ask them what would they change if they had an option. Establish mutual feeling of trust. Show them what you are offering and they will trust you enough that they will show you what their needs are.

9. Love your business. Be determined to succeed. If you do not love your job, better change it than be unhappy for the rest of your life. Organize your life with the help of the planer. This way you will spend your time more proficiently.

10. Lifelong learning. Never stop learning. Your mind is a precious asset. This field is constantly changing and upgrading. Learning is beautiful. Forget what you did in school. This is completely different. Read about online marketing, visit the seminars and so on. With learning, you will become one of the most valuable businesspersons in the field.

Online marketing can be difficult business. It will demand your body and your soul. You will have to pay attention to every minor detail out there. You never know what will be useful to you. Remember that most important is the connection with your customers. Even if you are already established and successful do not get carried away. Remember that it were your customers that have brought you up to this point. Your customers are your true value. Do not forget about that.

Always be available to them and ask for them feedback. Your customers can get really fickle if you do not respond or if you do not post regularly. When you will make your return to the social media, they may not respond. You have to constantly publish new content. It is not so hard after all. You will see that all those strategies will soon fall into place and you will reach your desired success. I hope that this article was helpful to you and that you will try a new strategy or you will follow a new law of sales success.

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