25. September, 2017
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Online Marketing is the Real Deal


Hello, my dear readers once again.

In my previous post, we established the term online marketing and we tried to find an inspiration how to start in the field of the online marketing. Today we will speak about the topic why the online marketing is the real deal. Is it because of the addiction with the smartphones and social media or is it because it is truly so efficient. Well, I can assure that online marketing is truly efficient, but we would not be where we are without the social media and smartphones.
As I stated before, online marketing is a branch of marketing that sells or advertises the products with the help of social media. And not only of social media, but also e-mail, seo – search engine optimization, advertisements on the internet, mobile marketing and even blogs. Keep in mind that Youtubers that are showing us parts of their everyday lives are selling products to you too.

Think about how many times have you seen a certain product and then you went to buy it the next day? As everyone, Youtubers can be a good or bad influence, they can sell you a bad product under the false pretense. But we would not like to do that to our customers. If you are in any field of the marketing, you know that most important is the connection you establish with your customers and clients.

Online marketing makes that easier. You can be constantly in touch with your target audience and you can be always on top of your game.

Why is that so?

Online marketing provides an open window into a persons’ life. Your customers can give you an instant feedback on Facebook or they can express their opinion in the poll that you have sent them via e-mail.

Online marketing is getting more and more important for small businesses. Even though you do not want to take a huge part in the online marketing, it is recommended for you, because your clients and customers can immediately see the reviews. If the customers are unhappy with your service or product, they will instantly post about it on the internet. Here, the honest connection with your customers comes into play.

Internet can be a dangerous tool, so you have to be careful about what to post online, because your potential partners will be able to see every fail of yours.

But we would not like that, would we?

We can come to the conclusion that online marketing is truly a powerful tool. In my next post, I will discuss the strategies in the field of online marketing. I hope that you will check it out.

Furthermore, I got many opinions about online marketing. People told me that it looks difficult and perplexing, and I tried to convince them otherwise. Online marketing is effective and some people think that everything that is effective is either very expensive or difficult to do.

I will try to persuade you otherwise. You can start with social media. You probably have a social media account, so you know how Facebook works. I want to ask you something. Please pay attention to the adds that pop up on your Facebook site. You will see that they are personalized just for you. See, how efficient online marketing truly is.

Pay attention to your competition and try to do what they are doing, but do it better. Follow their steps if you have no ideas, because in that process new ideas will pop into your head. Find inspiration in every step of your everyday life, but mostly pay attention to the social media and anything where you can see the advertisements. The most powerful tools currently in the field of online marketing are Facebook, websites, e-mail and Linkedin.

Soon I will post every thing and every detail you need to know about marketing in different branches of social media and of online marketing strategies. You will learn, where you should try harder and where you have to fill in your mishaps.
Online marketing is really profitable branch of marketing, so you have to learn the strategies of it. Online marketing is any effort to spread the word about your company, services or products. It has to grab your attention. But please do not be tacky or over do it.

In marketing I’ve seen only one strategy that can’t miss — and that is to market to your best customers first, your best prospects second and the rest of the world last. (by John Romero)

Online marketing is the real deal. It is fast, quite easy and you can learn it in no time. It spreads good word about your company and it is profitable. What else could you wish for? In my next post we will dive into online marketing strategies. I hope that this post reminded you, why online marketing is an amazing and always developing branch of the marketing.

Trends are constantly changing and you should keep your eye on them. Do not worry, I will help you with that. I hope that you will try and succeed in the use of online marketing as it is a truly powerful tool. If you want to share your experience with online marketing or you have any suggestion or advice for me, you are free leave your comment down below. I would really appreciate your feedback. Stay well my readers and keep an eye on my next post.

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