23. October, 2017
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How to Achieve Your Goals?

Sometimes, we all feel a bit down. We look for reasons why are we even trying and persuading our business. Maybe we had a bad day or something went very wrong and we feel that we are useless and that we will never succeed in anything we will lay our hands on. Sometimes, a bad day can turn into a bad week and it infects everyone around us. It is the same when you fail an exam. You lose the faith in yourself and you lose the confidence, and it takes a lot of practice and self-building to get to a point when you feel confident enough to get in the action. It is ironic that we are never ever pleased with ourselves, but we are always the first ones to criticize. We are our own harshest critics. Sometimes, the situation looks hopeless and we no longer feel the drive and the motivation. It is hard when you feel demotivated. Today, we will look at ways how to pick yourself up and get motivated again. It is important that you never lose a sight at who you are and what have you achieved. How to achieve your goals?

Motivate yourself. If you lose your motivation, you are lost. There are too many people that do not know what to do with themselves. Do not be one of them. Do whatever it takes to motivate yourself. Take a day off and figure out what you want to achieve and how will you get there. Even if you fail, you have to remember that you can always rise. Do not let the failure get you down. You have to know that there are ups and downs in everyone’s lives.

Small steps. Set yourself small steps and goals that will lead to something bigger. Sometimes it will seem to you that you will never achieve your goals, because they look so far from you. But, they may be closer to you than you think. Small steps will bring you far, because even if you fail at one, you will not be so disappointed than if you would invest everything only in one this and that one would not succeed. Small steps will bring you far in life. It is necessary take yourself time for preparation and stick to it.

Set a date. Make a plan and stick to it. I prefer to set an earlier date that if I do not finish until that date, I still have time to do it. I think that planning and organization is extremely important in this business. If you have time, you will do more quality work than if you would rush everything and put something together just for the sake of it. Buy yourself a planer and write everything in it. Organize your day and set what you have to do and what have you done so far. There are many ways of organizing a planer. You can write to do lists or you can just make checks whether you did something or you did not.

Do not make excuses. If something seems too difficult to you, do not make excuses that you will not be able to do it. Take a risk and try. You will learn something from the experience even if you fail. Experience is the most important, so do not make excuses that you are not able to do something. People who make excuses do not get far in this life.

Feedback. If you are feeling that you are not the best judge of the situation, you should ask someone you trust for their feedback. They will tell you what is good and what needs an improvement. Feedback is always welcomed in the life of a young marketer. Sometimes people will share their experience with you and it will be easier for you to achieve your goal. Do not be afraid of receiving feedback. Welcome it with open hands. Good feedback can open your eyes and you will realize that you will start to appreciate it.

You see that everything is in good organization and motivation. From good organization comes great motivation. Do not you feel like a new person when you organize almost every single thing in your life. This week we will talk more about organization skills, because they are important for the business and for the everyday life. You noticed that motivation is extremely important for the business and what is even more important is inspiration. It is easy to say that you should look for things that inspire you, but you really should. Do something for your soul and be inspired. You will be surprised how easy is to find things that inspire you. Sometimes you will see that ideas come from the strangest places and you will be surprised how you got an idea. Because you never thought of it before. Do not give up at the first failure, because it is important to be persistent and to keep going. Do not be put off if something will not work as you imagined it would. You should keep your faith in yourself and never give up. This business is all about imagination and creativity. Find yourself in the sea of fish and find your own way. Just remember that every failure is an opportunity to better yourself.

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