29. September, 2017
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Foundations of Online Marketing


Digital marketing is very popular nowadays. It is used by masses of people either if you are an owner of a website or a customer. We are so used to online marketing that we seek out the websites and we have no problems in trusting them. We have to be careful and vary of the websites where we shop. We have to check if they are safe and if our payment via credit card will not get abused. We could compare online marketing to a house. It has to have great foundations not to fall. If the original plan is not great then there will be no success.

In the world of business we are all looking for a profit. You will not meet anyone that will say that profit does not matter to him. If he says this, he Is probably lying. We have to have a great plan how to build our business of online marketing. If the foundations are not laid out right, we have nothing to scrape. Always keep in mind that your business should look like a house. You can always skip the second bathroom, but you cannot lay out the bad foundations.

Secondly, it is important who are you building for?

You have to decide what will you be selling and for whom. Will you be selling sport equipment or makeup? You have to choose the right target audience. Before setting up your site, you should take a look at the competition and see their prices. You have to set better offer for your customers. But first you have to learn the demographics of your customers. Step in their shoes and find out what do they wish for.

Determining a good target audience is the most important step in building your business. You have to get to know your customers first. This way you will know if the investment will be worth of your money. It is important that you find your time of the day when you are the most active. Is this in the morning, afternoon or evening. You have to keep out all the distractions. The work you are putting in your business will reflect in the results and in the sales.

We established that knowing your audience is the key, but what is even more important is the web design of your site. You do not want to make your customers think that you have no clue about web design. Well organized and easy to navigate site is the key. Your website is the reflection of your business. You have to keep it neat. If you do not know how to create and organize a website, you can hire someone to do this for you. If you believe that no one will create a better site than you do, you can check out one of my previous articles about web design. 15 free design tools

The next step is SEO.

I discussed SEO in several articles. You can click here to read everything about it. SEO. The most important question is how to optimize your site. You have to be on the first site of Google. Otherwise, you just do not exist. You can check how to get first on Google in my article. Your URL has to be normal. Do not use any strange words or several numbers in your URL.

The next step is online advertising. You have to get your word around about your site. You can do this with the help of social media. You can advertise your website on several social platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Google+ or even Snapchat. You will see that with posting on your social media, you will gain new following. The more the merrier. Always be nice to your customers and engage in the relationships. You have to keep in mind that your customers are your most valuable asset. If you will be respectful and nice to your customers, they will return this to you too.

I established that several times, but you should tell a story with your campaign and advertisements. If there is not a meaningful story behind your campaign, it will feel pointless. A good story inspire and persuades. Involve yourself into it and create the best campaign ever.

Now we laid out our foundations. The database of your customers is established. Everything is where it needs to be. Now you have to connect the dots and keep on going. If you missed one of the previous steps, your building or system is going to fall. You have to be persistent and keep on going. Always make test runs and take care that everything is in control. Your customers pay attention to the details. You have to keep everything constantly running and testing. This way you will improve and gain more and more customers.

As I have already mentioned, it is important to set the foundations of your business right and well. This way you will be able to build them up and always add something that what lacking. If the foundations are great, you will be able to improve. We want to prosper in our business and this strategy can help us with that. Always remember that a great plan will take you a long way.

Organization is the key in marketing and soon you will realize if your foundations were set up correctly or not.

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