15. May, 2018
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Facebook vs. Instagram

In the last week, I was constantly on the run for fresh ideas and info. Not much is happening in the digital world, so I decided to take a look at what we already know. It is great to take a look at two of the greatest giants in the digital world – we will refresh our knowledge about Facebook and Instagram. This is like comparing Superman and Batman. It is hard to say which is better – it depends on what you prefer. Let’s take a look at some info about Facebook and Instagram.

Both of them are truly giants in the true meaning of the word. Users are more and more addicted with Instagram and Facebook. So it is not difficult to say that social media is expanding to greater heights. We will take a look at what has changed in Facebook and Instagram since they have been created. What does this mean for us as digital marketers and users of the social media?


Facebook is established as one of the most used and popular social media out there. It was created in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg along with his fellow colleagues. It took world by a suprise. It became an overnight sensation. Facebook is a social platform meant for people all over the world that are willing to connect and share their time and space with others. Facebook has over 2 billion active users. It is hard to believe that this number escalated so quickly. Nevertheless, Facebook was and still is very popular. It is a staple app on everybody’s phones. Eventhough, you are not a fan of social media, you probably still have a Facebook account.

Facebook made many changes in the communication amongst its users. Facebook changed ways how we communicate and how we see the communication. The creation of Facebook changed the culture of the communication. Just aks yourselves how many times did you get angry when someone only opened your chat and has “seen” it?¬† Facebook changed our whole view of the world. It also changed our terms of privacy. We are willing to share almost everything with our so-called friends. We feel great if we have a lot of Facebook friends, and yet we feel sad when someone does not accept our friend request. Facebook is a part of our everyday life whether we want it or not. It has changed everything for us.

We cannot even understand how much has changed. We are dependent on social media and social media is dependent on us. As digital marketers, we are often put in front of the choice, which social media is the best for our bussiness. It is difficult to say, which one is the best. It is hard to say. It depends on what are you aiming for and what kind of audience you are looking for.


Instagram changed our ways of taking photos. Instagram is one of the newest social media out there, but it has reached an enormous following. There are over 200 millions of users. This is much more than Snapchat, but it is still less than Facebook. This is however understandable, because Facebook was created years earlier. Social platfroms are getting ideas from one another. Instagram and Facebook have “story” option¬† – meaning that you can watch users’ stories for 24 hours and then they disappear. The “story” option was the Snapchat’s idea, but you see that every social platform has it.

Instagram is meant as an visual app. When it was first released, the reoccuring joke was made that you have to take a picture everytime when you eat. The popularity of Instagram is increasing. Instagram is adding more and more options for the advertisers. We will take a deeper look into this topic in one of the future posts.

Facebook added the market option this year. You can buy or sell your things. It is similar to some of the apps, for example in Slovenia we have LetGo app, where you can sell your stuff. This app is dependent on the location.

I cannot wait to see what kind of things has Instagram in store for us. The trends are predicting that there are big changes coming. I believe that Instagram is relying on the influencers for the popularity. For every brand it is important to have a representative – an influencer that will with his attitude and opinion change and affect the opinion of others. Decide with whom you want to cooperate. The easiest way to do so is on Instagram, because is it highly based on the visuals.

Facebook and Instagram are two giants in the world of digital marketing. They will not go anywhere, anytime soon. Maybe some day will have that Instagram will overthrew the Facebook’s popularity, but we will have to see and wait. It is great that Instagram is still based more on the visual side. Both are great platforms for advertising and sharing your voice. If you are leaning more towards the written word and video, you can advertise mainly on Facebook. If you are oriented more towards visual side, then Instagram is the platform for you.

But of course, everything depends on what are you aiming for. The world of the digital marketing is quickly changing and we have to adapt to those changes. It is hard to say which social media is better and which is worse. They are aimed towards different audience and different wishes.

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