13. February, 2018
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Are updates Always Good?

Today, I have a very relevant question for all of you. Are updates always good? When is an update of your site or an app is unnecessary? We await new trends every year and somehow, we forget that we can be very disappointed with them. This year there were many speculations about how Snapchat will change Well, just take a look at what happened. Snapchat took a plunge and changed everything. Stories got worse –  you can no longer take a look of your favourite Snapchatters’ stories. Many users refuse to update it, because they are not pleased with how new Snapchat looks. The lesson of this story is that not every update is good. Today, we will take a look when an update of your site is necessary and needed, and how to handle it.
When you are considering updating your site or your blog, you should always keep in mind those three factors. Firstly, ask yourself if an update is really and truly needed. Is your site very slow or something does not work properly? Furthermore, you have to ask yourself if there are certain things that need fixing. You should always improve all the bugs and errors. If your readers warn you about a certain mistake, you should always listen to them. Do not be angry, if someone mentions that you made a typo. Accept the criticism and correct the mistakes. Mistakes do happen and you should not be too hard of yourself. If you are willing to accept the criticism, your readers will notice this and they will visit your site more regularly, because they will see that you are listening to them.
Whether you have a blog or a website – you should follow recent trends. If you are interested, you can take a read at our site at the following link: https://www.galaxing.net/breaking-news/social-media-trends-look-2018/.
An update can be very refreshing for your site or your blog. You can easily change the template or the font or add some button that will make the navigation through your site easier. Making an update can be very challenging, because you cannot be certain, how it will be accepted by your readers. If you are making an unnecessary update, you will sign when your readers or users will message you that you ruined your design. Now, let’s return to the story about Snapchat. The whole design has been changed, and not for the better, but for the worst. Users are signing a petition that Snapchat should return to the previous design. Snapchat made many things more difficult to use with this update. The stories are strange and the whole template looks confusing. The questions, such as “How many people do have to hate an update for it to be reconsidered.” Were asked. Snapchat responded that they have no intention of changing it furthermore and that it will stay the same. Every update of such a large app with a huge base of followers will awoke a certain reaction. Creators and designers of Snapchat probably made this update with one thing in their minds. They wanted that the world would spoke about it. They wanted a publicity and they got it. If you are interested, there are many tutorials how to use new Snapchat and I can write one of those too.
Social platforms will use every idea and way to be more recognizable in the world and to be spoken about. Not every update is needed, but if something is wrong with your site or broken, you should fix it. I would recommend that you should listen to your audience, because they are interested in your progress and they only want the best for you. Do not make your users angry and displeased with an update, because they will back off sooner or later. Reserve your updates for improvements.
Some people will always freak out, because they hate changes, but as an advertiser, you should be always prepared to make changes and be a part of them. You cannot please every wish of every reader, but you can listen to their recommendations and make some changes. Some users find the Snapchat changes pleasing. They find it easier to navigate and this was the main idea of the Snapchat team, but Snapchat is nevertheless experiencing a backlash. Not every update is good or bad. We as marketers have to decide whether an update will bring us a profit or displeased audience. You have to keep in mind that there is a thin line between improvements and setbacks. If you are not sure how your audience will accept your updated site, you can do a trial. Change your site and then see what kind of reaction will you get.
You have to plan an update in advance. Always set your goals straight. Always have a goal in your mind. Are you updating your template, because of the visual aesthetics or because of the practical purposes? Are you making the navigation of your site easier or are you making it even more complicated – an example of that was Snapchat. Keep in mind that you test every single update and see how it works. Never let your site unintended – always keep an eye on bugs and errors that may occur. You cannot be certain how an update will work if you do not try it out. Even if your update fails, you will see what went wrong and you will be able to do better in the future.

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