19. February, 2018
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Is Social Media Ruining Our Lives?

I have always discussed topics that are related closely to the social media and digital marketing. This is our passion and our job after all. Our jobs require the use of social media on daily basis. Sometimes, it is hard to draw a line and go offline. We cannot live withut social media. We use social platforms for professional purposes and we use them for our private purposes. But is the use of social media really ever private? I believe that it is time to take a look at other side of things. Social media plays a huge role in our lives. We are willing to share a lot of things with others. We share those things on social media, because we want to feel connected with others. We want to share everything that is close to perfection with others. We are creating and painting a perfect life for others just to be envious of us. But why do we do that? Are we in fact miserable in our every day lives, so we feel the need to create an image of us in the virtual world. We are creating something that does not exist. This is not exactly a bad thing, but I believe that there are some things, we should not share with others. The line is thin, but will we ever stop?

Social media has overtaken a huge part of our lives. It is easily accessible, easy to use and it can make you laugh or cry – actually it has a huge emotional impact on us. Social media is a way of sharing our lives with others. We cannot even comprehend anymore how people lived without social media. It seems to me that social media is such a big part of our every day lives that we cannot think about the world without it. Social media is the window to the world – it is a way of expressing yourself and a way of finding your voice. Have you ever thought about how many hours do you spend on social media? well, probably too much. Are you constantly checking it even when you are having a coffee with your friends? Are you inseparable with your phone and you stay up late at night just because of checking your e-mails? Is social media occupying your life and destroying your relationships? Then you spent so much time on it that you are not even aware of spending it. It is in your blood and you cannot take your eyes of the screen.

We should ask ourselves one simple question: how much time should we spend on social media? It is definitely easy to get addicted to social media. Some people will say that this is not true and that there are worse addictions than the one to the social media. We should not let the social media overtake our lives. We know that the users of social media are not always honest and that they are depicting their lives in the best possible ways. Even though we know that, we are still a bit naive and we let the social media affect us in many ways.

We could even say that social media is truly a phenomenon. It affects every single part of our lives. There has been a debate about a freedom of speech on social media. The rumours are flying that moderators will take a control over freedom of speech. Any vulgar or innapropriate words will be erased. I do not know if this is good or bad. Social media is a tool for expressing ourselves. It may be difficult for the moderators to erase every single word out there, but users should be more careful what they are posting. Some users use social platforms as a way of insulting other. The negative or insulting comments should be deleted. It seems to me that some people are hiding behind their screens and the social media culture should be improved.

Social media is in fact a representation of our society and community. We can find everything out there – something that is funny, shocking, tearful, joyful or useful. I hope that we will not come to a point where we will only post something just for the sake of it or just for the shock effect. This is lately happening on Youtube. Every weeks an video is upload that is shockingly controversial and it is not immediately removed. The moderators fail in this aspect, because everything is connected with money. Shocking and controversial video get talked about and they get more views. Maybe we have come to a point when only shock effect type of videos stirrs us.

Social media is a window to the world. We would not be able to connect with others if not for social media. We get a closer look to other people lives. Social media has many advantages, yet it has a dark side of which we should all be aware off. I know that this site is mostly intended for all of you marketers out there, but i believe that it is good that we speak about other topics from time to time. Social media plays a huge role in our lives and we as digital marketers should be extra careful whilst posting. Do not let your posts be meaningless. You can create what you want on social media and my advice is that you should use it well and into your advantage.

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