12. December, 2017
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Snapchat – the Business Guide

We are all familiar with Snapchat, aren’t we? Snapchat is the most popular social platform out there. It is aimed toward a younger audience – from teenagers to young adults. Believe it or not, Snapchat is one of the most popular interactive platforms out there. The simplicity of it makes it so desirable and so well loved. People went crazy after the filters, just remember. Snapchat has around 166 million daily users. Today, you are up for a very interesting read. We will take a look at the ultimate business guide for Snapchat!

So, how do we start?

Snapchat is an important app for many of its users. It is aimed toward teenagers and young adults. You can advertise on Snapchat if your target audience corresponds with the Snapchat’s core demographics.

Snapchat allows to place the ads between the stories or ordinary snaps. You can make a 10 second video and place it between the stories. There are many ways how to place an ad between the stories. You can do it with a help of several different lenses or filters. I bet that you have seen some sponsored filters. I saw yesterday that Game of Thrones is being postponed until 2019. Very sad news indeed. But just to remind you. This year when it came out, the Facebook created a special White Walker filter for photographs. You can do the same, but with your brand.

Snap ads can occur during stories or during Premium version. You need to pay for the premium version.

The same goes for Geofilters. You can advertise with their help. Geofilters are the filters that you can place over your screen, but you have to have your location on. They are tied to a specific geographic location, so you can use any tourist attraction that you want in your town. If you are working in the tourism or anything related to it, you can try it out. It would be a perfect opportunity for you.

Snapcodes. You can use certain Snapcodes in real life to connect with your virtual. Your customers will try out the Snapcode, maybe just from the curiosity to see what you have created. It is certainly an interesting idea to try out.

If you feel like that everything is just a bit too complicated for you, I have another option for you. You can connect with Snapchat and the Snapchat partners. But those will not be cheap. The sums of money are very high. I would advise you against this options. It is better to create something by yourself. Connect your social platforms, mention and connect them everywhere you can possibly can.

No matter what you do on Snapchat, you should know that Snapchat is highly interactive platfrom and your followers will follow your every step. You should always try and test, test, test everything out. If you are not sure if you are doing everything in order, ask a colleague to help you or help yourself with another device.

Now, during the holiday season, you can gain new followers on every social media. Just promote and once again just promote. Organize a nice giveaway and your customers will be amazed. They will keep coming to your Snapchat. I am always telling you that everything is connected on the web and you should definitely try out Snapchat for the advertising purposes. Organize a nice giveaway and invite the people over to your Snapchat. You can buy an advent calendar and then open it every day. This way people will follow you, because they will be interested in what you have to show them.

But when there is no holiday season, you should always keep in mind that Snapchat is an interactive medium. People use it to interact and communicate, and that is its main intention. You should always decide on highly shareable lenses and filters. They have to be funny and interesting. We use Snapchat to make our lives more fun. You can even create an interactive game.

Just keep in mind to leave it fun and simple. This way you will quickly hook your followers and they will want more. Actually, you have a ton of opportunities to start advertising. I just want to say to you that you do not need a lot of money. Of course you can invest in Snapchat Premium apps if you want to. Otherwise, you can do a lot and let me tell you a lot with just you using your Snapchat as your best asset. You will just have to get the word about your Snapchat around.

If you think that you are too late to start advertising this year with Snapchat, you can always try the next year. You can make Snapchat a priority in the following year. Do not worry, if the beginning will be difficult. It will definitely be worth of your time and while. With the help of Snapchat, you can discover new customers and unique target audience. It is important for you to gain the new followers. Holiday season is full of opportunites and believe me that it is worth trying out every single platform. Snapchat is very interactive platform and you should be prepared that your interactions with customers should be as honest as possible. Do not waste anymore time, but get in action or you can read our article about holiday season marketing – click here. 

Stay well, my dear readers and download Snapchat!


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