30. November, 2017
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Are Sales Our Hidden Enemy?

Usually, I do not pay much attention to huge sales like Black Friday or Cyber Monday. For a long time I believed that most of the products are overpriced and when there is a sale, the prices are reduced to their actual worth. This year, I happened to be at one of the bigger shopping centres in my town and I can tell you that people went crazy on Black Friday. The parking lot was full at noon and there was a difficulty to find a single parking spot. People were shopping like there is no tomorrow. I talking about huge buys and then I realized something. We just cannot wait for the sales. If we hear a word sale, we immediately jump to the bandwagon and we go shopping. Today we are going to take a look at how sales affect us as customers.

  1. Increased profit. For you as a marketers, sales are a great solution if you want to sell as much as possible. This will increase your sales and your business. Extra coupons with some percent off are always a great idea. Customers appreciate your effort that you offered them a coupon. They also love if they get a product free. Sales are great for customers, because they save some money and often it seems that people will buy anything that is on sale. Events such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday seem really profitable, but there are also some dark sides.
  2. Disloyal customers. You are a firm believer that your customers are loyal to your brand and to you. But when another brand appears and offers them a product for free, they leave you and they go their own way. In one-step, you lose your customers and profit. Black Friday is an example of that. It can be harmful to your brand, because customers are not looking for brands; they are searching for the best offer out there. Customers have the same expectations as they do on a normal shopping day. This way they dislike long queues and they will not wait patiently if your site is not working properly. The customer service has to be impeccable for your customers to return.
  3. Predictability. You customers are difficult to predict nowadays. The offer of products is getting larger every day and you cannot be sure that they will turn to you in a time of need or in time of Black Friday. You should reach out and face the madness. After big sales, you should always check your analytics tools and see whether your sales was successful or if you have to change something.
  4. Chaos. Maybe you site will crash, because there will be too many visitors on it. You have to take everything into the consideration and test and check everything you can. Your customers will not tolerate anything that is less than perfect.

Black Friday is the beginning of the holiday shopping season and your sales will increase in December. Try harder for your customers and they will buy form you. Black Friday and Cyber Monday have two sides. They can increase your profit or they can lead your customers away from you. If you are not sure whether you should try those strategies, I can only say this to you that it is worth to try, but always check your analytics tools. Sales have advantages and disadvantages as any other thing we meet in our lives. Sales can be harmful to our brand, because of disloyal customers. But you can try for your customers and enable them the best shopping experience ever. Be the one who stands out in the crowd. Offer to your customers the best that you have got. Those kind of events can get a bit chaotic and people lose their patience, so you have to think about everything in advance. It is your decision whether you decide to pursue the Black Friday or you do not. Maybe Cyber Monday will be better choice for you. It will definitely be less manic than Black Friday. Decide what is the best for you and your business.

You have to think about your custumers and what they want. Ask them if they are up for a sale and send them promo codes. There are many ways how to attract you customers. Anyway, ther sales will attract your customers no matter everything. The sales are clearly an advantage for your business, but you have to keep you customer service on point.

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