28. September, 2017
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What is SEO?

Hipster Writing SEO Concepts on his Note

Hello once again, my dear readers. How are you doing?

I hope that you find my posts interesting, otherwise I would appreciate your feedback in the comments down below. Today I am going to write about SEO in a greater detail. You have probably heard for this term before. I mentioned several times in my previous posts. If you are interested what I had to say, you can click here 4.

Well, we should ask ourselves one simple question.

What does the initialism SEO actually stand for?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. If you are new to SEO, you would probably like to know what does this mean?

SEO is most importantly a marketing strategy. If you would like to read more about other marketing strategies, you can do so in my previous post. SEO is about making your site online friendly. It means that you want to work toward more visibility on Google.

You want to reach first and the highest place on Google?

SEO will help you with that. SEO works as a help to you to make you understand how search engines work. Most importantly, your site has to be structured in a certain way for the search engine to rank it in the higher position. However, SEO is not only about that. It is about making your site as user friendly as it can get.

If you are feeling confused, do not worry. Just keep on reading. Search engines work as navigation toward your website. Of course, you can post about your website on social media, but nothing is so effective than search engine. More visible on the search list your website is, more people will click on it and you will gain new customers. We know several search engines, the mightiest Google, Yahoo, Bing.

If you are form other countries like me, you probably know about Najdi. Si (I am from Slovenia). Search engines are like robots. They are smart, but they still need help. And here you come into the play. You have to type in certain words that search engine will find your site. How can you do this? Just choose the right keywords from your post or article, so the search engine will find it faster. Choose the keywords that will get you on the first place on Google. Choose wisely and forget about one keyword.

You should choose at least five or more keywords. Also here is important that you check with your competition and see what they are posting. Keep in mind that you have to choose your target audience. You have to stay on top of the game and here it is most important that you find the target audience. Stay organized. The companies that use SEO, have more clicks on their sites. I would recommend using SEO if you want to boost your sales.

SEO may seem complicated for newbies, but even basic knowledge of it can help you achieve the favoured result. SEO influences both popularity and relevance. Behind SEO are certain difficult algorithms , but we will not dive in that, because we are grasping at the basic knowledge. SEO’s algorithms use several variables. Let’s take a look what those are? I cited those from this link. Here are listed from most influential to least.

  • Domain Level Link Features,
  • Page Level Link Features,
  • Page Level Keywords
  • Traffic
  • And so on…

Your website has to have original and fresh content. You have to provide your readers with new and interesting content. Relevant content will make you seen on the search engine. Here the contact with your customers is really important. You can create an amazingly designed website with quality content, but if there is no feedback from your readers/customers, you will gain nothing. You have to create an option for your readers to comment or reply. You have to get your website talked about. – and not in a negative sense. You can share them on social media or via e-mail or anywhere you think that people will read it.

I already talked about this part of your websites, but you should design your websites to be mobile friendly. This is truly an advantage. My next advice is that you do not use Flash on your website. I believe that you know what I am speaking about. We are constantly getting annoyed by the notifications of updating Flash.

Your customers would be displeased to see something like this and would be probably turned off if you site would be nagging them with those kinds of notifications. Well, you are probably asking yourself what you can do instead of using Flash. Well, the solution is simple. Just supplement Flash images with text. Same goes for java plug-ins.

At last, but not least, make sure that you check your website several times. Make sure what is visible to your readers and what it is not. There is nothing worse than being sure that you uploaded something, but only then you figure out that you put it for your eyes only. Believe me it happened several times to me on Facebook.

I hope that you found this post helpful and useful. I recommend that you start using SEO, because this will only work in your advantage. If you want to read more about SEO and other topics similar to this, you are welcome to check my future posts. If you have any question, you can comment down below. Stay well, my dear readers.

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