28. September, 2017
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Google Marketing – 10 Tools You Should Be Using


Hello, my dear readers. Today’s topic is Google marketing and 10 tools you should be using.

First of all, we should define what Google marketing is. I wrote a lot about online marketing, but I have never mentioned Google marketing. Google marketing is a form of the online marketing. It is linked to SEO and my online marketing posts. You can read about it here. Google is one of the most famous search engines out there.

Google was created in 1998. Its biggest achievements are Google – the search engine and Google Chrome. It is a multinational company. Google also produces many other tools that you may have no idea about. In this post, I will present those tools for you and I will also talk about the importance of Google tools for the online marketing.

1. Youtube. We are all familiar with Youtube. We just love watching videos and liking or ng some of them. But have you ever thought that Youtube is actually a Google’s product. Well, it is. As I talked in my previous posts, Youtube is a very effective strategy to amp up you game of online marketing. You could create a Youtube account and promote your company or your services through it. The other option is that you connect with bloggers/Youtubers and sponsor them, so they mention your product or you ask them for a collaboration with you. This will gain you a anew audience and also interest for your products.

2. Google Analytics. Nevertheless, how hard we try to deny this fact – math is a part of our lives. Did you have statistics class and you thought that you will never need it.? My dear, you were mistaken. As a marketer, you should keep the track of how many people are buying your product or how many people are visiting your site. Google Analytics will provide all that info for you.

3. Google Voice. We all know Apple’s version of this and we all know that it is called Siri. Google made its own version. This may be helpful to you when your hands are occupied and you have to something immediately. You just say what you want and Google Voice will provide this for you. Sadly, it is only available in the United States. My fellow Europeans we will have to wait.

4. Google Calendar. Nowadays we are constantly planning events in advance. We want to put everything in a neat little planer. And what it is a better way to do so than on your mobile phone? Google Calendar is the easiest way to write down events or with the help of an app even schedule your meeting together with your business partners.

5. Google News. Things are constantly changing and to stay on top of your game it is important that you keep an eye on them. Check your Google News regularly and you will learn many thing that can affect your sales.

6. Google Alerts. This tool will help you to stay on top of your game. With this tool you can receive email notifications about keywords that have been posted online. Keep in mind that this is very important for all of you that are using SEO. You can read more about this here.3 ali 4

7. Google Drive. What is better than huge storage on computer? Probably free unlimited storage on your computer. Google Drive allows you up to 15 GB of free sace. You can save everything and you do not have to worry that your data will get lost. You just cannot trust in those USBs – they can be pesky little things.

8. Google Docs. Do you have an upcoming project? You can work on it with your colleagues at the same time and place. Use Google Docs and you every one of you will be able to save all of the changes. It is great for Word documents. This tool is great for working in groups and it will save you all of the hassle. There is also Google Sheets and Google Slides for Excel documents and PowerPoint presentations.

9. Google Webmaster Tools. Those will keep you informed how well your site is doing and throughout which way people find it. It will alert you about the number of searches. This is truly important fo the online marketing as it will help you to keep you informed.

10. Google My Business. The last but not least, however the most important is this tool. You can advertise for free on Google. You probably think that I am going nuts, but believe me that free advertising on Google is a thing. You have to claim Google my Business listing and voila – your business is featured in the search results. What better could you wish for?

This is my list of the 10 Google tools that you should have been using all along I hope that this post was informative and helpful to you. You can see that those tools have many more options and uses, and that Google marketing is not as complicated as it seems. I hope that you are learning and grasping the concept of the online marketing. Stay well, my dear readers and keep an eye on my future posts, so you will learn something new or I will remind you of something that you already know.

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