28. September, 2017
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Why is Design so important in Online Marketing?


We are being bombarded with social media and advertising. Adds are playing in between of the video, they are everywhere. We are so used to them that we forget about how difficult it is for someone to design an effective add.

Design matters in online marketing and we are going to find out why?

Firstly, we should ask ourselves what is online marketing?

As I wrote in my online marketing article: Online marketing is marketing that evolves online. This means that it uses several tools that are available online and with them it promotes products or services. You will pay more attention and you will see more strategies of the online marketers when you read this article. Online marketing is beneficial in several categories. It is easier to control.

You can follow who your customers are. It is simple as that, because you can follow each other on the social media. Sooner or later, you will come to the realization that social media is very powerful tool in the field of marketing. Online marketing provides also a better communication between you and your customer or between you and possible partners.

You get an instant feedback about the service that your customer liked or disliked. Do not be afraid of the critics. They only want to help you to grow and improve. You probably know this already, but online marketing reduces expenses. You can post on Facebook and target a certain group and this is for free. You do not need to hire spokesperson. Furthermore, online marketing will keep you in touch with your competition. You can follow them on their social media from the safety and comfort of your own home.

Throughout the online marketing, you will be constantly in touch with potential clients – most importantly new potential clients. Now you have seen the benefits of the online marketing, so let’s proceed. Why is design so important in online marketing? We are visual beings.

We are attracted to bright colours, flashy lights and colourful slogans.

Successful marketers believe that successful campaign is created of beautiful design and great content. Visual information is generally absorbed faster than information from any other medium. If we see an advertisement for several times per day we do not forget about it. We link certain images to certain brands. I f you think about advertisements which one is that comes to your mind. For me, it is definitely the one for Coca Cola. If you think about it, you already see their slogan in your head.

Online marketing is really prominent on social media. We see it so often that we do not actually see it. So, most importantly you can see that design pays a large role. It has to be pleasant to your eye and it has to attract your attention. You can tell a story without words. I believe that design can be the most powerful tool if you know how to use it. You should be extra careful about the pictures you post on the internet.

Your buyers/customers are looking for a perfection that they cannot reach. As Salvador Dali said that perfection cannot be reached, so why are we even trying. In the field of online marketing, however, perfection can be reached. Special design will play a powerful role in your campaign. It will differentiate your brand from others. If you have a better design that your competition, you will be chosen before them.

Secondly, packaging always plays an important role, no matter how hard we tried to deny it. We prefer if something is packaged in a nice luxury packaging. Some brands even seal the deal with fashion brands, so that their design is done fashionably and professional. You do not have to go so far. You can take design into your own hands. I discussed free tools for design in one of my previous articles (15 free design tools).

We are visual beings and as soon as we see something we like we want to get it. We believe that if we will get a certain product, we will achieve the lifestyle of our dreams. Design is getting bigger role with the evolution of social media. The design of your website or company has to be interesting and fresh. It has to get your customers’ attention immediately and it must not leave your memory.

Just think of the campaign for Game of Thrones, season 7. You see the big face of Jon Snow the white walker on every jumbo poster in every town you visit. See, this is effective. It leaves you with a sense of dread, because we do not want that Jon Snow will turn into a white walker. This campaign leaves a lasting impression on you.

I hope that you see why you have to put your effort into design campaigns for your website. We all like pretty things and this will lead to us buying your product or service. Social media is mostly based on visuals. It takes time to watch a video of an add, but everyone will take a look at the picture. Also, you should not forget about your website. Make it as user friendly as you can. Remember that navigation is the key.

Your site should be organized in a nice way, because people will want to know more about you after they see your advertisement.

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