28. September, 2017
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4 Tips to Awaken Your Creativity and Imagination


I am staring at the screen and just trying to type. Everything I think of is nonsense or just is not related to this portal at all. I went for a drink and on a walk just to get an idea. There are no ideas in my head. I finally understand why writers come to this dreadful thing that is called writer’s block.

This is terrible, because you just cannot write anything and you just do not want to think about it. But it haunts you. It haunts when you are brushing your teeth, it haunts you when you are eating lunch and it haunts you late in the night. You stare at the bedroom ceiling and think about the work you should be doing.

Instead you feel anxious and terrified. The deadline is coming and you have nothing to show. This may result awfully, because you can lose your job or if you are a college student – you will not finish the final year. That kind of thoughts can be really terrifying, but every one of has come to the point when he cannot write a single word anymore. I try to write even as it comes across as a nonsense. It is better to write something and meet the deadline that to do nothing.

In my years of studying, I had to write several essays, poems, haikus and so on. You would not believe me what I had to write. Sometimes I looked for an inspiration everywhere, but I just could not find it. I started delaying my writings like there is tomorrow. However, deadlines got me panicking and I handed in a rubbish paper. I decided that I have to do something about this.

Here are 4 tips what have I done and I am still doing. Now when I started writing this for you, I got a new wave of motivation.

  • Organization is the key. When you are faced with a new task or business, you have to picture everything in your head. Think what has to be done and how it will get done. When I had to write an essay for my school, I always thought about the title. Sometimes I was difficult, but I always got an idea about what to write. Then I said to myself that I will write my essay in three days and that it has to be 5 pages long. So should you. You should organize your time and place. Set yourself a time for certain task to be accomplished. When the deadline is near, we are always more productive than when we have time.
  • Rough outline. Just keep the ideas flowing. Do not get distracted with the correct grammar. Try to be creative. Take your energy and put it in the words. You can always go back and think about better word to use. It is important that you put your idea on the paper. Before you do all of this make sure that you gather all the information needed for your projects. Take a look at different sources, companies and sites.
  • Be careful. Look for ideas in everyday life and everyday conversations. Be inspired by little things. Just remember that behind everyday things hide the greatest ideas. If you are not feeling like working just let it go. Do not make yourself work if you are not in the mood. The time will be wasted and the work will not be done. Let every day be an opportunity for searching the inspiration or creativity.
  • Take rest. Scroll through your Instagram. Take a day off. Maybe you will find something that you were not looking for. It is the same with shopping. If we go to the shop determined that we will find something we need, we most certainly will not. When you visit the shop and you have no intention to buy something then you will find many beautiful things.

Every day is an opportunity to find inspiration and motivation. Remember that the source of creativity and imagination is spontaneity. Enjoy in your work, even though this is hard to do sometimes, because word count hangs over your head, but still. When you will start, it may be hard at first, but make yourself do it. Start slowly and then build. You will see that ideas will just keep on coming.

It is important that you do not give up, but you keep on going till the end. Unlock your artistic and creative potential, do not be scared of letting go of everything that you once knew. Sometimes we stumble across no ideas, but if this is the lowest point of our creativity there has to be a rise in the nearby very soon. I would also recommend to you that you also sleep on your idea or project.

Let it rest for few days and then check it once again. You will be looking at the project with fresh mind and you will be able to improve it. Those are a few tips that help me, when I stumble across a terrible block. What is the silver lining in this case, is that eventually that the no idea period passes and then you get so many ideas that you cannot put them on the paper. I hope that those tips were helpful to you.

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