28. September, 2017
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15 Free Design Tools for Your Website


Creating and designing a website can be a pesky little thing. There are so much details you have to be careful about. It can get even peskier if you need coding to do. I try to stay away from coding as much as I can. I put together a list of 15 design tools that need no coding. Creating and designing a website can be a pesky little thing. There are so much details you have to be careful about. It can get even peskier if you need coding to do. I try to stay away from coding as much as I can. I put together a list of 15 design tools that need no coding.

  • Template Stash. Here you will find a whole collection of templates that you can use on your website. You will not have to create anything yourself. Everything is already prepared for you. It follows new trends. So, you can always choose the most recent version of the templates. You can search for one depending on the category you want or need.
  • Bubble. Is a functional app that needs no coding. Bubble helps you to build website and apps. It is easy to use. You have a drag and drop builder with which you can add buttons and so on. Everything is customizable, so you can choose the colours or fonts you like.  Tilda Publishing. Tilda Publishing helps you to build beautiful sites. There are pre-designed templates which you can take use of. This is a wonderful tool for those who have their own blog or for those that are interested in more. – You can create lookbooks or reports.
  • XPRS. Helps you to make web designs with no code. If you have a feeling that designing a website is too difficult for you or if it seems too complicated – this toll is the right one for you. You use small blocks that are called polydoms. It is like you are playing with Legos.
  • Hype 3.0. You can create beautiful web content. With the help of this tool, your content comes to life. I would recommend to use it if you are dealing with the preparation and design of ebooks. You work with keyframes – you can create them manually. This tool works best for animation.
  • OnePager. It is a one-paged tool. It is SEO based. It is a great tool for those who want to design their website in no time. Everything is customizable, so you can design your page as you want it.
  •  BootStrap Studio. It is easy to use with the drag and drop functionality. Here is everything customizable. The company promises websites as good as any HTML or CSS, but with no code needed. The platform is intuitive, so you can polish every little detail of your website.
  • Canva. It is a free online platform for design. It helps you to create and polish websites, PDFs, presentations, invitations and so on. It is easy to use and with it you can take your design to perfection. You can even create business cards with the help of Canva.
  • BeFunky. It can be used as photo editor, collage maker and a graphic tool.  With its help you can create professional photographs. If you find it difficult to use it, you can always check tutorials on their website.
  • Snappa. It is a creative tool that is available online for free. It can be used for graphics or for social media.
  • Placeit. It is best to use if you have ios system. It works like wonder on Iphones. You can take a screenshot and place it into ready to use template.
  • Pablo. This easy to use and simple tool is created with Buffer. It has only three elements and with them you can operate. Those are: customization tab, graphic content area of gallery on the side.
  • Tiff. It is meant to discover the best font for your design. It supports all kinds of fonts. You see that you have to pay attention the smallest details of your web design.
  • Piktochart. It helps you to create infographics that are very popular nowadays. It also lets you create presentations and printables. It takes care of everything you need for your company.
  • Evolero 2.0. It is great for creating event websites.  This is one stop tool. You can do everything you need to do with the help of this tool. If you are organizing an event this tool is just the right one for you. As you know we are mainly visual beings.

We are attracted to loud and bright colours. We want to rest our eyes on the magnificent pictures of nature. Web design is truly important as we want to provide the best experience for our users. You see that you do not have to pay huge amounts of money for the web designed. Above the tools that can help you with the web design are listed.

Remember that your site should be functional, but it also has to look great. This is also important form the navigational aspect. You have to be able to navigate your site without any problems. Furthermore, you have to make a great first impression with the help of your website. The first thing your customers see is your website and it has to make a great impression on you. You also want to have better web design that your competition. I would advise you that you take a look at your competitors’ sites and decide what is there to improve. Nowadays you just cannot afford to have a messy website. This way the customers will opt for other company that has a better website than you do.

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