Social Media Trends to Look out for in 2018

We are already a month in the new year. The January swept us of our feet. The passion and the excitement of the next year has worn off and we are back to our jobs or schools; creating new projects and developing new ideas. Time is ruthless competitor. We have prepared a lot of interesting articles for you.  Nevertheless, the year 2018 is bringing many exciting things that we should look out to. Today, we will discuss what will change in the area of social media. Social platforms are growing every day and it is no wonder that there have to be new things that we will keep us using social media.

Just to mention one thing. The year started off for our team very busy. We are organizing an event in the end of January with many famous bloggers, influencers and speakers. Our team wants to spread the word about This will be the opportunity for us to connect and share But, now let’s take a look at the upcoming trends.

  • Moderation of social media will increase. With mass production of videos, stories and pictures, there are some topics that are rude or even insulting. Few days ago, there was a huge scandal on Youtube. A video was made – more specifically, a vlog that showed people in the Japanese Suicide Forest. The video was completely inappropriate and even more inappropriate was the behaviour and attitude of the people, who made it. The Youtube moderator removed it after three days. The video became infamous and in 2018 there will be a stricter code of what can we post and what it is inappropriate to post. The heated debate about the freedom of speech is happening now on the social media. Is it appropriate for moderator to reach into the curse words and foul language? Will our freedom of speech and action be affected by the moderation of our content? On the other hand, we should be respectful to one another and not use swear words. This is only a sign of people hiding behind their computer screen. Try to stay as nice as possible, when commenting on other people’s posts.
  • Twitter is changing, but we still have no knowledge of how it is going to change. Maybe it will become one of more visual platforms or there will be only some slight changes. Some of the professionals are saying that Twitter is going to fall and that LinkedIn will be on the rise. Keep your eye on LinkedIn. After all it is the best place to meet and connect with people in the business.
  • It will become impossible for marketers to ignore the stories. Just take a look at Instagram. Instagram stories are the biggest hit of 2018. Last year, Instagram presented us with stories. Nevertheless, that they are similar to the Snapchat stories, they have gained a huge following. They gained even a larger following than Snapchat has ever had, and Snapchat was the first to put the stories out there. Instagram has now about 250 million daily users of stories, and Snapchat has only 173 million of daily users – this took them years to build. 1 million of advertisers already took their chance and they are advertising through Instagram stories.
  • Face filters. We can expect new and even more imaginative face filters on every social platform out there. What is even more interesting is the advertising ability. Snapchat lets advertisers to use specific face filters to promote their brand. With the newest facial recognition and augmented reality trends of smartphones; the trends are going to definitely dive into this area.
  • Snapchat will dive more into personal branding and advertising. So, do not write it off just yet. There will be some improvements, like Lens Studio – you will be able to create your own lens from the scratch. Snapchat is not going anywhere. Be prepared for new functions.
  • Our attention spans are getting shorter, but researches have shown that customers prefer longer ads. Facebook will prolong its ads to 30 seconds. Facebook is stepping out and bringing many new improvements. The feed will be centred more towards users. We will be able to create our own feed with the help of ours friends and sites that we are following. The ads will still stay personalised.
  • Social media is spending more and more money on influencers. The largest sums of money are being spent on the influencers. Do not force partnerships, but nevertheless choose them wisely.

The popularity of the content marketing is increasing. Marketers all over the world are already taking an advantage of it. It is believed that the best combination will be the combination of digital marketing and the traditional marketing. Start thinking in terms of what can you change in your strategy to become even more successful. We are always here with tips and tricks. Keep your eye on our page and maybe you will get an idea of what would be the best for your site or business.

It is new year after all and you should start thinking about new strategies. Maybe the big changes are coming and if you do not follow the trends, you will be only left to stand in awe and with open mouth. Every strategy has its own advantages and disadvantages; only the time will show.

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