11. December, 2017
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Holiday Season Marketing

I am sitting here with an overwhelming sense of urgency. I have so much stuff to do, but so little time. There are so many events, which I would like to visit and have fun, but work is taking a tool on me. The holiday season should be jolly, but as a marketer you probably know that it is one of the busiest. The year is ending, and you still have so much to do. I cannot even believe how quickly it all ended. I am hoping that new year will bring us many new opportunities and chances. That we will work even harder and our businesses will be as great and successful as possible. We know that without hard work there is no success and we should be prepared for a busy year, but now I want to talk about the advertising holiday season. Customers are going crazy in the search for the most amazing gift and so on. We are all in a shopping frenzy and every deal seems great to us.

During the holiday season, customers lose perception of what is expensive, what is affordable, because they want to make their dear ones happy. As a marketer, you should take an advantage of this. Do not be overwhelmed by the scent of gingerbread cookies and mulled wine. The holiday season is the best one for you. So, let’s take a look at how to make your site more holiday appropriate and what happens during the holiday season. We will also take a look at what can you do to make your sales go up.

Holiday themed website. You should put at least some effort into making your website or even social platform holiday appropriate. You can try out a holiday template. Make your customers feel cosy, because this way they will buy something from you. Make the emotions come into play, because your customer will appreciate if you will thank them for their buy and so on. Make them feel comfortable; you can even include an animation. The options are endless.

Share. The best way to attract the customers is to organize a daily giveaway. Even if they will not be chosen by you, they can still try the next day and so on. This will attract many new customers that will become interested in your brand and your products. You can design this idea it the sense of an advent calendar. People love advent calendars. Just try it for yourself.  Be active and respond. You should always respond to your customers’ needs and questions. Never forget that even if you do not have much time, you always should respond to your customers. If a customer gets a feeling that he is not important to you, he will never ever buy from you.

Social media. Social media can be really helpful for your business during the holiday season. If you had a feeling that you were advertising too much during some months, let me tell you that during the holiday season there is never too much. You can get away with advertising on and on. Do not worry. During the holiday season are people less nervous and more accepting of your advertising efforts.

Make a plan and include all the days that are more and less important. Take into your account that during the Christmas Eve it is unacceptable to advertise. Christmas Eve is time for a family and your dear ones. But on the other days, you can advertise as much as possible.

Shipping. You can offer a free shipping option during a holiday season. Your sales will grow, because customers love free shipping. Sometimes we do not buy something, just because of the expensive shipping.
Step out of digital world and bring your campaign into the real world. If customers will be able to see your product in person, it will be more likely for them to purchase it.


The holiday season is truly time for you to awaken your creativity. You can see how big brands and companies play this game. You can adapt this to your budget, because we know that if you are just starting, you do not have a big budget yet. Holiday season is jolly, but it can be also full of opportunities. Do not be deceived that it is holiday season and become lazy. Keep working, because out there are many marketers that get lazy during holidays. People lose their focus and do not let this happen to you. I always say to you that you should be one step ahead of everyone and this is actually true. You can do a lot when others are resting. A bit of creative writing can take you far. Small details can make a huge difference in your campaign. If you do not have an idea, you can always turn to us in our comment section.

Holiday season is a great and successful season for you as marketers. Try to make the best of it. Enjoy your success and do not forget to check out the trends that are coming in the new year. Decorate your website and your social platforms. Let the jolly spirit overwhelm you, but at the same time think about your business and never forget how precious your customers are. Have a nice holiday season and let us know down below.

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