31. December, 2017
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2017 is Saying Goodbye

It is the last day of 2017 and I cannot decide, whether I am happy or sad. It is definitely a time to reflect. 2017 was a year of new beginnings. This site was created or is it more appropriate to say that it was born. Galaxing was one of the biggest projects this year and I am glad how it has turned out. I hope that you will continue to read us in the 2018 and that 2018 will be full of new opportunities for you.

As it is the last day of 2017, it is time to look back and reflect.

We talked about different trends and looked for ideas. It is said that an idea is the most precious thing in the world. People get paid to give ideas. It seems that we are at a point, where only old ideas get recycled over and over, with only few improvements. But we will always try to present you the best ideas for your business and for you campaigns. In 2018 we will try to keep up with all new trends that there will be, but now let’s take a look at our most read articles of 2017.

15 Tips How to Improve Online Marketing. Whether you are just a beginner in this world or you have already established your way in the world of online marketing, there is always room for improvement. This article established what is the online marketing and how it works. There is also some good advice how to get even better. If you are feeling a bit curious, go check it out.

What is Social Media? With the article What is Social Media we dived into one huge topic. We established several terms and looked what kind of dangers are lurking on the social platforms. We have to be responsible and get the word around that social media can be a very dangerous tool.

Google Anaylitics. It seems to me that you loved this post. We dive deeper into the online marketing and its tools. We learned how to use Google Analytics and how important it is to keep your statistics in check. Just a reminder. 2018 will bring us many new trends, so keep an eye on this site.

How to Achieve Your Goals. Sometimes we need just a little-pick-me-up. We all need a little motivation here and there, and a best way to find it is to turn to Galaxing.net. Here you will find several motivational and inspiring quotes. Maybe an idea or two. It is difficult to start with a business nowadays, but here we are with a little pick-you-up.

How to Get More Followers on Instagram. We are always here with little tips and tricks how to succeed in the field of online marketing. Just a reminder: Choosing the right target audience is the key!

If you are feeling uncertain where to start – there are many guides that will take you from the beginning to the end of different social platforms, such as Linkedin Guide, Google+ and so on.

What can we expect from 2018?

Firstly, we would like to thank you for being our reader. It means a lot to us that you are following us and reading our posts. You are welcome to check our social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. A whole lot and exciting things are awaiting for us in 2018. The year 2018 will bring many new trends for us to post about. I hope that you will have a great 2018!

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