28. September, 2017
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Who Sells More?


I discussed sales in my previous articles. We have looked at what is happening if your sales are going nowhere and how to increase your sales. You can check this here. (Why People are not buying from you).

Today, we are interested in the topic of sales. Who sells more? We buy what is attractive to us. It has to call for us out of the wide variety. Maybe you like how to store is roomy and it feels nice or maybe there is a good-looking salesperson. Nevertheless, we buy more in more in the shopping centres and they look much alike. There is loud music and tiles on the ground.

It is believed that the tiles are in shopping centres, because if we hear the sound of out footsteps, we will feel more confident and we will try to buy more. Shopping centres often are not attractive to us, but they are selling well established brands and what sells more than this?

We love to buy from famous people. Did you ever take a look at all those perfume commercials?

They all cast movie stars or singers as their main focus of the campaign. And we buy the perfume, because we want to be similar to the famous person. We cannot have their wealth, but we can have their perfume, so it is atleast something. Our lives revolve around stars. We like to read about their everyday lives, we want to feel connected with them, so we follow them on social media.

Just think of Kylie Jenner. She established her business on Instagram. She posted so many pictures of her lips that we started wishing for lip fillers. She even released a makeup line of lipsticks and lipliners and we want them, because this will make our lips bigger and this will make us more attractive. Stars have a huge influence on us. They are setting trends, which we try to imitate and follow.

Even though the stars are stars, they can evoke attention and attract buyers. Stars can be also cheap, most likely in Slovenia and they can still get our attention. Marketing will be always in better hands if we collaborate with stars Nowadays, bloggers with huge amounts of readers are perceived as stars. What bloggers recommend, we will want to try it. Even more if we find a blogger sympathetic. Furthermore, we have established that stars are a great marketing tool. They will sell your product as best as they can.
So, let’s take a look how stars can sell your product:

  • Stars are the main weapon of the marketing.
  • Marketing creates stars.
  • You can improve your business with a help of the stars.

Laws of marketing are constantly changing. New trends are coming and some of them are there to improve your business, while others will not work. You have to find out, which one works for you and this is the magic of marketing. Stars and diamond are forever. The best decision you can make is that you make a collaboration with a star. The brands that are advertised by stars will never be forgotten.

Customers will always associate a famous face with a certain brand. It is also possible that you connect with ordinary and not famous people. Like Dove campaign. People will feel more connected to the people on the screen as they will believe if something works for them, why would not work for me? Here we create a star from ordinary people. It is the same as talent shows. The star should overtake your role of marketing.

This way it will be more believable and people will not feel pressured in buying your products. They will feel honoured that they buy a product that is used by celebrities. The star in your campaign can tell more than words can say. It gives an impression and an image to your campaign. This is truly a best decision to make – collaborate with stars. The star will make your campaign visible and effective. You know that this will not cost a little, but it will certainly pay off. So, do not hesitate.

Cast a star in your campaign and the success will be yours. What is more important is that people will talk about your ad with a star. Everyone will know about it and everyone will be interested in your product. You do not need to be the most creative person on Earth to succeed. Have you seen the advertisements for detergents. They are all the same.

The marketers realized that repetition in marketing works, because we see something familiar and we are reminded that this product works. Some advertisements are creative an unique, however, both will work just as well for you. I cannot emphasize enough how important is it for you to cast a star in your campaign. Your campaign will get a face and the recognition immediately.

Casting a star in your add, will only bring you advantages. People will connect your campaign with the famous face and what is better than that. Everybody will know your add and everybody will want your product. Now you see how important it is for you to learn the best marketing strategies. You can read more about them in one of my articles Strategies of online marketing.

It is important that you please and excite your audience.

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