28. September, 2017
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Do You Need a Bigger Budget or More Attention?


You are always looking for ways to increase your sales or new strategies to use. You have one thing in mind and that is profit. You are always trying to create one of the best campaigns in the world. But you are failing miserably, because your campaign is sadly too expensive. The experts will cut your wings and tell you that you should not even dare to look at such number.

I am talking about big numbers. You head will start to ache if I mention them. You know that those have to be really big numbers. We want quality products for small amount of money. However, this does not go together. You can play cheap. Have you ever bought a gift for someone and you spent a little money on it?

You know that this was not the best thing to do. Well, I remember that one year I decided that for Christmas, I will put together goodie bags. I bought candy and those sets that have shower gels in it and so on. I wanted to tear apart those sets, but my mother realized what I was trying to do and she said to me if I am only going to give this. I felt deep sense of shame. The next day I went and I bought everybody a big gift they deserve.

How can a badly designed and a cheap looking advertisement persuade your customers into buying your product?

You have to be careful about what kind of advertisement are you sending in the wide wide world. If you are selling food, your advertisement should not be expensive. You have to find the right balance. Your advertisement should not be too cheap looking and it should not be too expensive looking. Harmony is in marketing everything.

So, how can you achieve this?

With a star in your add! You will not need anything else if you will have a star in your advertisement. You will have glamour added and also what is more important. Your advertisement will be associated with a famous face. People will talk about it and you will be gaining money. You will see that everyone will be interested in your star and in your advertisement.

The famous person will always get linked to your advertisement. This is the best way you can invest your money. The stars will do the rest. You see that you do not need a big budget to produce a successful advertisement. You just need a famous face.

We are all invaded by perfect looking stars and Hollywood movies. We wish that our lives will be romantic like movies are. We always wish for something that we do not have. The same goes for the social media. We polish our pictures to perfection, just too look like an insta famous person. There is no end to it. We want that our lives would be so interesting as movies are.

We wish for passion, action and romance. We just do not see that our lives are more interesting, because they are not directed. Sometimes we just do not realize that. We are influenced by the movies so much that you want their life, their mobile phone and their car. No matter the cost. You want to be them and you want to live their live. You can do a test with your friends about how many famous people do you all know together. Many.

We want to know everything about them. We image that they would love us so much as no one else in our life can. We are convinced that their lives are perfect. The stars never disappoint us. They are always there for us, crying when their life gets sad and laughing when their life gets better. They are reliable and we find a comfort in them. They are always here for us and will never leave our side. We just have to thank them for what they are. They are our friends in times of need. They get close to you. They crawl under your skin and they never leave your mind. You may not even notice that they are selling their products in such way.

You feel connected to them. You cry and laugh with them and you feel proud when you have the exact same watch as they have. You see that they are closer to you as it looks. They are like one of your family members. You just do not see the very effective strategy behind their masks.

Life imitates art. Casting a star in your advertisement can be the best way to promote and sell your products. Your sales will increase, you just have to find out who your target audience is and choose an appropriate star. You have to work with familiar faces. Yu will also gain likes for an amazing idea. Nowadays even bloggers have a huge impact on their followers.

You can collaborate with them. In Uk and USA, many bloggers and Youtubers are getting offers from big brands, because through them the brands will gain new followers and have a lot of profit. This is the best thing that can happen to you. Cast a star in your advertisement and you will see how your sales will increase. Do not forget that life imitates art and so should you.

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