28. September, 2017
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How to Get Your Customers’ Attention in 3 Seconds


Stories sell the products.

If you watched the series Mad Man, you probably remember all those businessmen from Madison Avenue. They were creating big campaigns for big companies, such as Lucky Strike, jaguar and so on. The main and the best advertiser there was – Donald Draper always told a story why a client needs a certain product. He always tried to involve a story about his family and emotions.

But what did sell his products?

It was a story.
If you are familiar with Coca Cola and their marketing campaigns, you probably know the advertisement with Santa Claus. You will probably see it this December or even earlier on our TVs. Santa arrives with his train and offers Coca Cola to everybody around him. In fact, Santa Claus and his image were born out of this advertisement. We all know the fat old man with a silver beard and a red outfit.

Do you believe that you can create a better story?

Do not feel so unsure about this. Off course you can. Remember that you can always create a better story from the existent one. You just have to use the right words and phrases and remind people why your story is better. You have only 3 seconds to get your customers’ attention. Not just only attention, but you have to convince them that they need your product and that they want to buy it. How can you do all of these things in only 3 seconds? The advertisement has to create an image, it has to attract people and it has to leave them with wanting more.

And how will they get more?

They will have to buy your product. So, the most important question is – what can you do in 3 seconds. This is a really short amount of time. Probably not a lot. Blink an eye or bat your lashes. In those 3 seconds, you have to present the brand in the best light as possible and you have to make your customers want your product.

The research has shown that shorter advertisements are more efficient. We are build this way that we have a shorter span. Our attention is not made for longer amounts of time. We get carried away. Just remember your school years and your studying habits. You just could not study for long time.

Everything was more interesting than the book and your notes. It is the same with advertising. You should know that advertisements that take a longer time to broadcast are also more expensive. You do not want to be spending your profit on those long commercials. People are also not so interested in them, because they drag on for a few minutes.

Who wants to look at a long advertisement?

People have no patience nowadays, we are always in a hurry and we hate advertisements. On the other hand, time consuming advertisements are also very expensive. Do you really want to have all this hassle with agents and companies that will want their money, just for a long commercial that will not increase your sales? Longer is not always better.
Your campaign should be oriented toward profit only. Do not make things harder for yourself and try to be all fancy. You should only worry about sales and profit. So, what should you do to gain the audience’s attention in 3 minutes? Cast a star in your advertisement. This will attract the customers and sell your product. What better could you wish for?
Your campaign should already have an existing glamour and prestige added to it. With a star in your campaign, you will get the best thing that you can.

What do I have in mind – a recommendation?

Yes, a recommendation. Most products are bought on the basis of a recommendation. We are constantly seeking and giving recommendations to other people. Which beauty brand is the best, which perfume smells nicest and which gel should I use for shower? We even give ourselves a recommendation. This is called loyalty.
We believe in stars and in the image they perceive. They own their image and it is theirs. It does not feel pushed or unreal; even though it is. With a star in your campaign, your products will sell and you will own the field of marketing field. You can never go wrong with a star in your campaign.

Think of all those advertisements that you have seen in your life, and think in how many of them a star was casted. In almost every single one. If there is a familiar face in your campaign, people will recognize it and will want to buy your product. Stars have an immense influence on people.

You have to know who your target audience is. If you are targeting teenagers, you should put a familiar teen star in your advertisement and the same goes for all age groups. Your poor choice will soon reflect your sales. Just keep in mind that you should always have profit and benefit in your mind.

You wish for better sales and you wish that your customers will want your product and that they will keep it repurchasing. Marketing can be a difficult field to prosper in, but if you will keep on reading my articles it will get easier and easier, and your sales will increase.

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