28. September, 2017
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The Formula of the Sales Success


What is the factor that your brand or advertisement is successful?

Your advertisement has to have a story. It has to affect the customer and made him want and buy your product. The easiest way to check if your advertisement or brand is alive, is to ask your customers.

You probably have a website or any kind of social media account by now?

Ask them to draw one thing they associate with your brand. You can make this also a contest, so that people will correspond with you. If your customers do not draw the same association, your brand has no visual image whatsoever and this is not good. Not for your brand, profit or customers. You did not reach your goal that your brand would be recognized by a certain image.

Today we will learn how to give your brand a life. It has to be like phoenix; arisen once again. What do you need for a rebirth of your brand: familiar face, popularity, yearning for your product, positive energy and curiosity. Why do you need these characteristics and not those along these lines: price, profit and so on?

Because a brand that tells a story brings all of these together. It is not so much important what is the ratio between the price and the quality. Some of the customers live for the brands. Let’s take an example. Apple. Some people will go cray for it. They will buy it no matter the price. And they will not buy only Iphone, but also Ipad and so on. They will want every product of the brand. Here we see how well established this brand is. Same goes for some beauty brands, such as Chanel or YSL.

Women will buy the product just because of the name or nice packaging. The price is high and the longevity is short. People will keep on buying those products, because the brands are alive. They are telling customers a story. You have to create a life for your brand. This means only one thing and this is strategical work in marketing. You have to be careful about every little detail there is.

If you do not have something, you have to create it. It seems quite difficult, but you are a marketer and you know how it goes. Talk when you have something to talk about. You can give a life to your brand with one simple collaboration. You are asking now what kind of collaboration. You have to collaborate with a star. Give your brand a famous face.
However, the star has to be the right for your target audience. I cannot emphasize enough how important is it for you to target the right audience. I discussed this in several articles already. You have to follow your customers on social media and learn their demographics. This way you will only benefit from this. Furthermore, it is important that you also choose an appropriate star for you campaign. Choose your target audience and choose the face of your campaign.
Brands represent a name, a story and an image. That why they are more expensive, but the customers prefer them. Behind them there is also a long tradition. When customers decide to buy an established brand, this tells more about them. They are paying for quality, but what is more importantly is that they are buying a name.

Certain brands are perceived as more prestigious ones. They will make you look like you are the most prominent person. They will serve you as a status symbol. The brands are tell-tale signs of people. They tell who you want to be, who you hang out with and most specifically they tell about your taste.
The brand has to be and stay interesting. It should be full of life and energy. The brand has to be constantly updated and made better. The brand has to enrichen customers’ life. Every brand is meant for its own target group. It is dependent of the age and their wishes. The success is the matter of the stars.

The stars will provide you with the success. They are constantly evolving an being talked about. Their lives are fresh and full of interesting information. They showcase a perfect life and we mere immortals want a part of that perfect life. I can assure you that the best thing you can do for your brand is that you hire a star for your campaign. Furthermore, stars are a huge influence on social media. Just consider this for a moment.

The star of your campaign shows in her Snapchat video that it is using your product. The followers will go crazy. They will want to know more about it and this will lead them to you. You will be able to provide them with a product and they will be pleased that they share a part of the famous lifestyle.

Now you see that everything is connected in marketing. From your product to the customers and all the links between (adds, social media). Marketing strategies may or may not work for you, but you will have to try it on your own. It definitely worth a try, because you have nothing to lose, you can only gain. The best marketing strategy is to cast a star. Try this and you will see what it will bring to you.

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