20. November, 2017
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The Best Digital Trends of 2017

The winter is here. Ned Stark’ s motto did come true after all. It is getting chillier every single day and sometimes I do not even know what to wear, because I am always cold. I do not particularly like the wintertime, but it will pass as all thing come to its end. Winter means one thing. The year is getting to its end. Did all our plans come true or we failed to achieve them? Well, I know for sure that this year was not long enough for me. I was able to achieve some of my plans, but not all of them. I am still working on some of them. When the December hits us, you inboxes will be full of lovely wishes and of lists that will tell you what kind of trends are we expecting and what is coming next. It is also time of the year for us to look back and reflect. Today we will take a look at 5 best trends of 2017.

  1. The first trend of the 2017 is visual imagery. People are in most cases visual beings and you know that visuals are important in the advertising, and that all of the social media is taking an advantage of visuals. Just think about the improved Snapchat, Instagram and where they improved in 2017. They added stories and filters. It is interesting to see how masses of people go crazy with the Snapchat filters. It is funny to see different generations of people going crazy about something so simple and interactive. As I mentioned many times – your web design is truly important.
  2. Sharing is caring. This goes for live video option on Facebook. You are able to see the latest concert and the fanciest party from your sofa. You can live in the moment and show your friend son Facebook your fancy lifestyle. But do not brag too much on Facebook or otherwise you will stay without your friends. Keep in mind that Facebook is still on top of the game and it will not go anywhere.
  3. Polished content. As I mentioned hundred times or more, it is very important for your website to be polish and impeccable. Everything should work as it is supposed to work. Your website should be optimized for mobile phones. Not having an optimized site should be out of question. Your content should be well-organized and original. Find writers that add something of their each own. It is also important that you test everything you create. Make sure that everything works as well as it should. The competition out there is huge and you cannot afford to have a badly put together website. Always work on improvement and work as hard as you can, you will see that it will be worth your time and the time you have invested will not be in vain.
  4. Beware of the Adblock. This is an enemy of our sort. If someone uses the Adblock our hard work will be in vain, because our advertisements will not show in that person’s browser. This is truly a challenge for advertisers, so we should think about how to overcome this sort of a problem. We know that some viewers can easily skip TV advertisements, because they go to the bathroom, but this is happening also on the Internet – Youtube and Facebook. We as advertisers will have to stay clever and overcome this problem in the following year.
  5. Voice-based Services. Do yo know Siri who has the answer of every question? Off course you do. She will answer at any time, any day. Google and Alexa are similar. Voice-base services are making their breakthrough in the world of the internet. In 2018, they will get even bigger and better, and more people will use them. Some you are just so busy that you cannot answer your phone, but you can say it to your phone and it will make you answer your call without you using your hands.

The online world is constantly changing and you should be aware of this if you are already not. Trends are changing every single day, but some of them are worth trying out. It is important for you as a marketer to stay on top of the game. Well, there are many options out there, but it is on you to decide which option or trend is the best for you. Keep an eye on topics such as best trends in 2017, because you can easily reflect what have you done right and how it affected your business. Furthermore, you should also be in an anticipation of the trends that are coming. This way you will have something to look up to and you will be ready or every situation out there, and more importantly, you will be ready to react.

Year 2017 is slowly closing its doors. Do what you have to do, before the year is over. It is also time to review where your sales has expanded and where you did not do so well. There is always time and place for improvement. Strive to become even better as you already are and keep an eye on the new trends. Never forget that you should always stay faithful to the old trends, because they brought you here where you are today. Maybe 2018 will be the year of your big breakthrough. Let’s wait and see!

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