4. December, 2017
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What is Interactive Advertising?

With the combination of the optimization and powerful mobile devices, the marketers need to be more and more creative. This way interactive advertising evolved. Let’s take look at what exactly is the interactive advertising? It is the promotion of a brand, your products and services in a way that is engaging for your customers. Your customers should never feel like you hate them or that you are impatient. Always give them a sense of feeling included in the bigger picture.

Interactive advertising came together with demanding audience and devices that are more powerful. Marketers decided to engage the audience even more than it was. This sort of adds is called immersive ads or engagement ads. They interact with the public and they engage the public.  There are many ways how to create interactive ads. We have to emphasize that interactive advertising is also a way of spending useful time with your customers. People and brands are receptive to the interactive ads. It also depends at what kind of public you are aiming to. Let’s take a look how to advertising interactively if you are dealing with a certain age group.

  1. Children often come in touch with mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets through parents. Children like to be engaged and they are affected by everything they see. You can provide many materials to them as a marketer. Are you advertising a new colouring book? You can offer them, as a part of advertisement – a excerpt from your colouring book and they can colour it on their mobile device. This is a fun, interesting way of advertising, because kids will be amazed what they can do, and they will ask their parents to buy them your colouring book. You can also try this strategy with mature audience or in several ways. For example; you can try with a game or an app. You hard work and efforts will be paid off.


  1. Try 360-degree strategy. Make your advertisements in a way that your customers can tilt their smartphone and it will engage them and take them to another dimension. This will be the best with a weather app or for an online shop with clothing or furniture. The research says those ads with combined media, such as video and 360 degree strategy are paying off very well in terms of profit and rising number of customers. Your customers will be amazed if they will be able to look through the whole closet with only one swipe. This can be extremely effective for touristic attractions too.


  1. Brands are doing campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat and soon they will come in touch the augmented reality. Customers want more and more, and more importantly, they want to be a part of your campaign. You can ask them to send you comments or short clips of them using your product and then you can create a video out of it. We should be able to serve our customers through the platforms that we have created. You can also try to create a puzzle or a crossword. Your audience will be amazed that you figured out something new and fresh, and you will interact with them in a special and fun way.


  1. Interactive advertising is not only reliant on the visual side; you can also create something with the help of the music. Like Spotify and their campaign when there were American elections. They put the whole playlist of Canadian artist up there in case if people wanted to move from their own country. It was meant as a joke.


  1. Interactive advertising does not have to be necessarily on the internet. There are various ways how to do interactive advertising in print version. For example, huge makeup brands they sent packages or boxes with free products inside of them, and when the famous Youtubers or bloggers open the particular box there is a huge surprise awaiting for them. In those boxes are small screens with advertisement of products and there are different buttons, so you can change the video that is playing and you can take a look at different products.


  1. Interactive ads are becoming a norm. We as marketers want to provide the best experience for our customers. The experience of customers is truly important, because if we as marketers and advertisers do not try hard for them someone else will and we will lose our profit and our loyal followers. Interactive ads have many more advantages. They offer you a larger visibility and more customers. You only need a fresh idea to start with something like the creation of interactive ads. You have to be unique and creative, so find your best ability to create something funny and interesting.

Interactive advertising is a direct way of engaging with your customers and promoting your brand, products and services. It is a great way of promotion of your products and it helps for your products to be more visible and noticeable. When your customers will refresh their feeds on social media, like Facebook and Instagram, they will be able to see you ad on the top of them all. Furthermore, it is also a great way of getting the word around about your brand. Interactive advertising is really a win-win situation for both sides. Interactive advertisement has many shapes and sides to it, so take an advantage of it and create something fresh.

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