28. February, 2018
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Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing

Today, we will take a look at similarities and differences between traditional and digital marketing. Is it possible to distinguish those two or are they becoming one thing? Is digital marketing a setback for us as marketers or is it bringing us to a whole new level? We will take a look at advantages of the traditional and digital marketing. What will the future bring us?

Let’s take a look at what is traditional marketing?

Traditional marketing is every form of advertising that you can see in your everyday life. Traditional marketing are posters, billboards, fliers – everything that you can hold in your hands and its main intention is advertising.

Traditional marketing is a rather broad category that has its origins in the ancient Egypt. It all started with the revolution of printing and the evolution of paper. Egyptians used papyrus as a form of advertising their services or new products. Posters existed, in a way that they glued on the wall annd they promoted several different services or products. Today we are big users of newspapers, magazines and posters. With the invention of internet and the development of technology, we pushed traditional marketing a bit into a background. Maybe we got so used to it that we no longer see it. I can assure you that it is everywhere around us.

Traditional marketing is the most used way of marketing. It consists of many different strategies and every company employs one of those startegies, Traditional marketing can be found in many ways. We are often mistaken when we think that telemarketing or broadcast marketing does not go in the category of the traditional marketing. Some of us may easily mistake it with digital marketing. But digital marketing is completely different story.

Now we will take a look at what are the advantages of traditional marketing:

  • Materials can be kept and recycled. This way traditioanl marketing enables us to do something good. The fliers will not go to the waste.
  • Memorability. Often times we see an ad so many times that it is easy for us to recall it. This is a great strategy, because customers will always connect the brand with their advertisements. Hard copy ads are easier to copy and to recall.
  • With traditional marketing we are focused on only one thing and that is an ad. In digital world our attention spans to several different fields and we cannot focus on one single thing. Because of that digital advertisements are less memorable – even though this is not always the fact

We have established everything about the traditional marketing, but now we will dive into the whole other world. We will dive into the other kind of reality – the virtual reality. Virtual reality has become a huge part of our lives. Just remind yourself how many hours per day do you spend on your phone and how many ads do you see. Are they memorable or you do not even notice them. This is an eternal question. Everything we know had been already moved to the virtual reality. In the virtual world we have digital marketing that is prominent at our every step.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the marketing of products and services using digital technologies. It is mostly prominent in the internet and started with the development of the world wide web. It is on our every step. There are many ways and strategies of promoting products or services on the internet. Social platforms are full of advertisements with which advertisers earn a lot. You can earn with providing the space for advertisers on you website. We are becoming almost blind to the fact that the digital marketing is everywhere around us, so now let’s take a look at what are pros of the digital marketing.

  • It is easy. It is easy in a way that it can be easily fixed when something goes wrong and that you do not spend a tons of money trying to correct a typo in the magazine that just went to the print.
  • You can make a lot of money. Customers are big social platform users. They are everywhere with their phones in their hands. You ad has much more chances to get noticed on the social media
  • You can quicky gain a lot of followers and more specifically a lot of potential customers
  • Sharing is caring. This is huge advantage of digital marketing, because everything can get easily shared.
  • Digital marketing is quick and easy, sometimes you do not even need a good idea for the ad – you just need a great design.
  • Design and visual side of things is very important. People are visual beings and design play an active and prominent role in the digital advertising.
  • Digital advertising is the future of the advertising. We should pay more and more attention to it, and use it into our own advantage.

Nowadays is a thin line between the traditional marketing and digital marketing. Digital marketing conveys and uses many ways and strategies that are used in the traditional marketing. Maybe, we will proceed to the era where traditional marketing will be outlived and seen as something old-fashioned. The digital marketing will become even more prominent in the future. This is one of the reasons that we have to be more careful about which strategies are we employing and using. If you are interested into reading about marketing strategies, you can check out more articles on our site Galaxing.net.

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