4. March, 2018
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Marketing in a Galaxy Far Far Away

It is obvious from the title that I am a big fan of Star Wars. I spent last week in reading science fiction stories – dystopian novels to be exact. I wanted to find some fresh ideas and science fiction is the best way to uncover the most unusual ideas. In science fiction, the most bizarre and interesting worlds are set up. I wonder sometimes, how the authors of science fiction even find their ideas. Some of the ideas may seem so far-fetched that they could not never occur in real life. Some of them are strangely similar to todays’s world. For example, if you heard for the novel The Handmaiden’s Tale that was written in 1984 and  is very similar to the todays’ America. Some of the stories do get true somehow. I hope that we will never get to know the world that was set up in the Handmaiden’s Tale. But with the development of the technology we have established an interesting and modern world. If we take this thought further, we can get a bit scared. What will the future bring us and what will this mean for us as marketers?  What should we do that we will establish an everlasting impact on the world with our marketing techniques? Is this even possible?

There are many strategies of how to succeed in the todays’ world of marketing, but sometimes we must take a step further. How will our campaigns change in the near and not so near future? With the ever changing technology it is hard to stay at the top of the game. As a marketer, I often ask myself if it is worth investing time into ever-changing social media or if everything is changing so fast?

If you want to succed in marketing, the best way is to do it in the digital world. The digital world offers you limitless options. Use every option there is. The main intention is that you get the largest audience as possible. Get the word about your brand around. When you will establish a huge audience base, you will get easily recognized everywhere. People will connect you with your brand and when you succeed in this, you will be always known as the guy for this and this. Social media may seem that it is contemporary, but I can assure you that it will not disappear anywhere or anytime soon. According to the trends – you can check them out in the following link – social platforms, such as Google+, Facebook, Instagram will gain more and more popularity. Have you seen what happened with the Snapchat this week? Snapchat users have been severely disappointed with the updates that Snapchat has made. They were tweeting about them and they did not stop complaining. But did Snapchat do anything to improve the situation? No, not until Kylie Jenner tweeted that she is disappointed with Snapchat and that she will not use it anymore. Snapchat’s shares decreased in a second. Snapchat responded that they will change everythin back to the old ways.

What can we learn from this example?

Influencers will gain a lot of power. They are building it up in the unimaginable heights. As a marketer, you should now that it is important to connect with influencers. Your brand will get a recognizable face and a large mass of followers. As you can see, Kylie Jenner is very influential and she has a large circle of followers that will follow her every step. In the future, this will not change. Stars will gain even greater power that they have it today. Even if you are a marketer out off a small country, you should connect with a blogger or a star from your country. This way you will establish your brand and people will get interested in your products. I have to mention that some of these collaborations something seem as they are forced. Try not to be so obvious in your advertising agenda. Use some creativity.

Creativity – such a simple word with a huge meaning and impact. To suceed and remain successful in the digital world is to be creative. You need new ideas – please do not recycle the old ones. Creativity plays a more important role with every day. In the digital world, you have to push yourself to be better and better. Someone will be always brighter and better than you, but that does not mean that you cannot succeed.

If you asked marketers 20 years ago, what the future is bringing they would have never guessed. The world is changing and we are changing with it. Do not be afraid of the changes that future will bring. Now, it may seem that the future holds some horrific things in the bag for us. The most important thing is that you are willing to adapt. Changes will come sooner or later. Maybe the whole digital world will end in failure, but we can never be certain. A marketers we have to be prepared for every single thing. We should not freeze and give out. We should thrive on chaos and remain calm. I hope that those science fiction stories that I have read this week will not happen in the nearer or further future. I hope that they will remain only stories, but if you are on shortage of the ideas it is very easy to find one in such stories. Science fiction authors are unlike other people. It is easy to find inspiration in their words and their stories.

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