21. November, 2017
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How to Manage Your Time

We are constantly in a hurry. We wish for longer days and more hours in a day. We do not want to go to sleep, because we have so much work to do.  We feel guilty when we take a day off, because we know that there is still a lot of work waiting for us. We just wish for better days and more time, but it is always the same. We do not know how to manage our time. In the world of online marketing we should not even sleep, because everything can change in a moment. But we are just human and we have our needs, so it is very important for us to learn how to manage our time and get done everything that needs to get done. There are some very useful tips and life hacks you can conquer time.

  • When you are working for a such a long period of time, your concentration level get really low ant then it is time to take a well-deserved break. Take a 10 minute break and you will feel refreshed. If you are working on your web design, it is also very important to rest your eyes, because they can get dry and irritated, but you are probably familiar with all of this. You can also make stretching exercises and make your blood flow.
  • Make a daily plan. It sounds so simple, but we know that sticking to a plan can be really difficult, because something can happen and we are not able to fulfil everything that is written on that plan. Also, leave some place and time for something unplanned, so that you will not be disappointed if you fail at achieving something. You can organize your day according to hours or you can use a bullet journal. It is really up to you as long as you plan everything in an advance.
  • When you are the most productive. Observe yourself and figure out if you are a morning or and evening person. If you do not like to get up in the mornings, do not even bother with working at that time, Because everything will last longer than expected. Do not waste your time.
  • Staying offline is the new luxury. You have try and stay offline. This way you can find some time for yourself and your dear ones. Staying offline is a sort of hard work, because we are obsessed with our smartphones and in the digital marketing business everything happens online. You cannot escape the virtual reality, but you can log out for a short amount of time. You can even organize your schedule in a way that you will not use your smartphone one hour before your bedtime.
  • Avoid distractions. Distractions lead to procrastination and this way you do not achieve anything. You keep looking at fun websites or watching Youtube or playing Candy Crush. Doing this only wastes your precious time and you should not be wasting your working hours playing silly games, because this will lead to everything except work proficiency. The same goes for text messaging and long conversation. You can text when you have your breaks. If you will do several other things while you work, you work will never be finished.
  • Prioritize one task. Always do only one thing at the time and pay attention to it only. If you do different thing at the same time, it will never work out. Put you mind and energy to only one thing, but you can always choose what to do first and what to do at last.
  • Reward yourself. Always remember that you are only human and that you need a break from time to time. After you finish a big project, you deserve a reward. Never forget that you are very important and you also deserve a reward and rest from time to time.
  • Always spend time on three most important things; such as conversations, actions and profit. Always try to work hard and well. Thrive to be the very best.

Time management can be a tricky field to master. If you are constantly running out of time, you should know that you are doing something wrong. Organize your life and this decision will affect also your personal and business life. Never panic if you fail to achieve something in a particular day. You can always do it the next day. I suggest that you keep an eye on deadlines and that you always finish a project few days before its deadline. Never wait till the last minute, because many things can happen. Avoid procrastination at all costs.

Online marketing is a tricky and demanding business that will change your every day. You need to be able to adapt to this kind of a lifestyle. Digital marketing is demanding and rewarding at the same time. Just remember that organisation is the key. Always plan ahead and in advance. But you can also change your daily plans. Always take the time for yourself and your well-being. Never underestimate the power of a power nap. It will fuel you with energy and you will be able to concentrate and be focused at tasks in your business. Stick to your plans and you will be well off. I think that this sort of a topic is really important for us busy bees, because it reminds us to slow down and enjoy our success.

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