24. November, 2017
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Content Marketing – A Fact or Fiction

We have already established that trends that we have been waiting for are bringing the visual aspects to the centre of our digital marketing story. However, here is still content-based marketing and we still have not talked about it much. So, first let’s take a look at what is content marketing. We know that social platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat have established the visualisation as one of the biggest trend – and this have not come to its peak yet. In 2018,this trend is getting even bigger – if this is even possible.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is marketing that is based on interesting, valuable and relevant content. The content counts and the writing gets a meaning. Many messages that you receive are senseless and useless. They do not hold a special meaning. It is like sending empty messages. No value what so ever. In this way content marketing is special, because it holds an intriguing value. It means something and you can learn a lot from it. You should know that what is important in this field is also the word count. Every word counts, because Google will position you on the search engine according to relevancy and word number. Most of the leading brands are using the content marketing and now you are asking yourself one question. Does it work? Of course, it does. Also small businesses are executing it and using it – it works in every case.

What you need for content marketing?

Content marketing is based on words, facts and information that can help your customers in any way. So, what do you really need for content marketing? You need to be a person of many words or you can even hire someone to write for you. You have to be constantly alert and start collecting ideas. It is important that you know about what you are going to write. You have to learn first about the fields you are going to write about. Read research or speak from your own experience. This way you will connect with your customers. If you have something relevant to say, do it. Some people are born writers, but do not give up, because you can become one. You do not have to be creative, just stick to the basics, proofread your texts and keep your information relevant.

The content has to be also usable. Your customers have to be able to see your intentions. It is refreshing to see that your customers actually learn something from your posts and that you do not only push the products to them. Here is the explanation of the sincere and honest relationship between you and your customers.

Just remember how many times you looked for a review when you wanted something to buy. You went to Google and you searched for the best review of that product that you could find. The content marketing drives the purchases. Many of us even listen to the Youtubers to see if a product is worth buying. We strive to get valuable information on the internet. If your customers will be able to learn something from your posts, you have created miracles. It may seem to you that the content marketing is the invention of modern times, but here you are wrong. Content marketing has been around far longer than the Internet. It is all about storytelling, but here we have stories with relevant and reusable info.

In content marketing is all about building a strong relationship with your target audience and it is also about giving them this content on a consistent basis. It is of a great importance to show the customers that you care about them. Your customers want to be cared about and want to feel like that someone is doing something for them. You have to keep your audience alert and you must not bore them. In other words, you have to keep your audience engaged. If you do not want to become a blogger, you also have several different options in terms of content marketing, such as creating an e-book from your articles or creating a worksheet or a template. Such resources are practical, useful and very interactive. If they are made to be printed, they can be very useful to your customers.

Even though you are working with facts and info, you have to be creative. In the field of content marketing, you have to be ready to collect ideas and to ask questions. You have to be interactive and curious as possible. You have to be alert and look for new ideas and your writing should be as interesting and well researched as possible.

Content marketing is not as easy-peasy as it seems. You need a lot of time and research to get started. Lastly, you need fresh ideas and time. If you believe that you have something important to tell, you should dive into the world of the content marketing. Share your ideas with your customers and make them decide which product they will purchase and from whom they will purchase it. Keep your eyes open and be constantly on the run for new ideas. Content marketing is all about valuable and interesting content. You can write and create blogs, e-books, worksheets and much more. It is up to you to decide if the content marketing is for you or not. If you are able and willing to tell and share a story with your customers then go for it. Otherwise, you should decide on the visual media.

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