26. February, 2018
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Age of Information – a Blessing or a Curse

We are currently living in the age of information. Just sit down for a second and take a look at your phone. With only one touch the world is on your hand. Information is easily accessible. Without any effort, you can get every single information you need. The experts are worried that we are coming in the age of digital overload. We are bombarded with information at every step. It is worrying that everywhere we look there is new and fresh information. We no longer know what to believe and whom to believe. This leads to several problems. We are becoming desentisized to information. Nothing shocks us anymore. What does this mean for us as digital marketers? Is this leading to serious consequences? Do our readers still care for quality or are they seeking cheap thrills? What does this mean for our business and for us as digital marketers? Is this the end?

Does the information overload or digital dementia lead to the failure of our campaigns? Let’s take a look at how this is affecting our business and what can we do about it?

  • Audience – I always tell you that you have to always have your readers in mind. Users, readers, followers, nevertheless what they are, they are getting more and more demanding. You cannot please them with a simple blogpost. They want more. They want quality content and an engaging story. Your target audience knows when you provided them with a quality and thought out ad or blogpost. If you put your time and thought into your work this will definitely pay off for you. Audiences want something valuable and interesting. Also keep in mind that you should filter the information and make your intention clear.
  • Time – Put your time in your work and do the best that you can. Never rush anything. In the sea of information, your readers are looking for something different. Take your time to figure out what your readers need and provide them with what they need. Fulfill their needs.
  • Falsity – You probably heard about fake news. I have to tell you that they did not bring anything good. More so they served us as a distraction from the real news. Fake news brought desensitisation to us. We can no longer distinguish between reality and falseness.
  • Visualisation – give your followers something to look at. Establish your brand or site with a great design. A picture is worth a thousand words. Creating great and memorable design will help your business to prosper. Customers are in fact simple. They will remember you for visuals you provide. Many of us are visual beings and we easily connect one’s brand with its design or logo. Create something interesting or borderline absurd that will stay fresh in your readers’ minds.
  • Filter information – not everything you read is worth of your time and space. Some things are better left out and not read at all. It is important that you differ between what is quality and what is quantity. If you want to stay on top of your game, you have to provide your readers with something fresh. Do not worry if you are not the best writer out there, you just have to keep your writing simple. This is the most effective advice that I can give you. Do not let yourself fall in the category of keeping up with your blog or site just for the sake of it. Keep your writings short and relevant. This way you will stay at top of your game. Your followers do not want to invest their time into long essays, however, they want a quality information.

The problem with the information overload is that we are rather not reading anything, because we do not want to waste our time with useless information. Do we know anymore what is real and what is false. There is very thin line between those two. If you want to stand out in the crowd, where everyone is the same, you should keep your information short and relevant. Stick to the basics and this will bring you success. Information was once very valuable, but it seems that it lost meaning. We as consistent users of social media and digital world hold an enormous power in our hands to change the online culture. Information overload will lead to the digital dementia, which means that soon we will not be able to to concentrate, because too much information will leave us confused. Experts are saying that this will lead into the downfall of social media, but I believe that we can still change a lot. With a clever use of words and design, you can achieve a lot. Strive for quality and forget the quantity. What matters the most is the originality that you are able to produce. Be creative and keep things simple.

There is so much information that we do not know what to do with it. Is it possible to ignore it? Or is it possible to consume everything. There is no right answer. I gave you some tips how to minimize and control the information, just keep in mind that you have to be careful about what you post. Do not write any scandalous made up things, because your readers will quickly realize that you are without any substance. Information is a dangerous tool, which can change everything. Play safe and control what you produce!

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